NGS Shop News

Updated by Adrian Cotterill, NGS Shop Manager,

10-Jan-22: Hot news that is cold and warm

Just in time for the winter snows I have heard from Dapol that our re-run of N Gauge Snowploughs are in the UK and will be clearing the path to the NGS Shop shortly. If the thought makes you shiver, then how about a Stove to keep you warm? Yes, the new batch of Stove ‘R’ s are also on the way – and before you ask (as someone always does), yes, there will be Stove Chassis amongst them for the kit/scratch builder. Keep watching for news of arrival and pricing.

29-Dec-21: Tunslet – a new collective noun is born

One hundred kilograms of Hunslets arrived today as the second batch delivery. (At 1,500 Hunslets its more than 100 kg, but never let the truth spoil a good story).

These are the liveries as listed below in the 23rd December posting.

When the New Year is over and the postal services are back in operation, they will be sent to the volunteer distributors to be posted out to those member who pre-ordered and have paid any remaining balances.

The Membership Secretary will send balance requests to any members who pre-ordered from this batch and have not already been notified.

As per batch 1, when most of the pre-orders are dealt with, the remaining models will be offered for sale to the general membership.

23-Dec-21: Dropping in for Christmas

If you see a bright light in the sky over the East (Midlands) then it could well be the second coming of the Hunslets, landing at East Midlands Airport, as these are reported to be on the wing today.

After visits by the wise-men of HM Customs, they are expected to arrive at the NGS Shop on 29th December, hopefully DHL will not use a donkey. I’ll have to make some room at the Inn and include them in the annual census – I mean stock-take.

Therefore after the New Year we will be ready to start the second pre-order dispatch process, after which they will go on general sale to the membership. (N.B. If you haven’t previously received a request for and paid your pre-order balance, please wait for a request to arrive and check it before sending a payment. Please see the news item ‘Hunslet balances’ on the Home page.)

As a reminder, the liveries in the second batch are:

  • NGSR059B Hunslet Shunter – 11. ‘Black Agnes’ Lafarge green
  • NGSR059C Hunslet Shunter – 12. RfD sectorisation triple grey
  • NGSR059D Hunslet Shunter – 13. Harry Needle Railroad Co
  • NGSR059E Hunslet Shunter – 14. Caledonian pale blue
  • NGSR059F Hunslet Shunter – 15. ‘Big John’ blue

There are still plenty left for sale from the first batch liveries.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all NGS Shop supporters.

21-Dec-21: In need of a shock?

Then you will be please to know that the decals for kit36 Shock van and wagon are back in stock NGST0360 Decals for kit 36 NGSK0360  at £2.50. But if you have feet of clay then you will also welcome decals for kit 74 China Clay wagons back in stock NGST0740 Decals for kit 74 NGSK0740 at £1.50

17-Dec-21: Kit Production Chemistry

Just arrived to the first of the new configuration Kit 37a TTA Chemical Tanker NGSK0371 at the much reduced price of £8.00 each.

Also back in stock are NGS Decals:

NGST0260 Decals for kit 26 NGSK0260 @ £2.00

NGST0650 Decals for kit 65 NGSK0650 @ £1.50, and

NGST0680 Decals for kits 68 & 69 NGSK0680 & 0690 @ £2.00

10-Dec-21: And then there were ten

News just in that the factory is ready to ship the next batch of Hunslets. The expected liveries are:

  • NGSR059B Hunslet Shunter – 11. ‘Black Agnes’ Lafarge green
  • NGSR059C Hunslet Shunter – 12. RfD sectorisation triple grey
  • NGSR059D Hunslet Shunter – 13. Harry Needle Railroad Co
  • NGSR059E Hunslet Shunter – 14. Caledonian pale blue
  • NGSR059F Hunslet Shunter – 15. ‘Big John’ blue

More info about their arrival when we have it.

07-Dec-21: Tanks for the memory

I have heard from those resourceful fellows at Kit Production that kit 37 TTA chemical tanker will soon be back in circulation. You may recall that previously this kit came complete with a Farish donor tank wagon that was to be used to supply the chassis for the TTA. These donor wagons are no longer available and so the kit hit the buffers. However a new Peco chassis is has been acquired for the kit and it will soon be back in circulation. It will also be markedly cheaper than the previous version as it no longer requires the donor vehicle.

If only we had a nice little industrial shunter to haul it…

06-Dec-21: We don’t do Black Friday…

…We do do Green, Maroon, Olive, Yellow and Blue/Grey Monday!

From today we start to sell the first arrived liveries of the Hunslet locos, these are NCB in Green, Maroon and Olive; British Steel Yellow and RMS Locotec. Get yours here Hunslet Industrial Shunter

If these colours are not in your rainbow, then please be patient, more liveries are on the way.

24-Nov-21: One, two, three…

On approaching the end of year with the dreaded annual stock-take – inflated this year by thousands of Hunslets –  I take some comfort from the fact that that the job is somewhat easier than our unfortunate Kit Production Officer. The NGS is of course well known for its extensive range of N Gauge wagon kits, but these all have to be assembled from some 165 different kit components. This amounts to a total of over 72,500 individual parts – some so small and numerous they have to be weighed. Well, they say there is always some worse-off than yourself. Now, where was I? …four, five, six …

22-Nov-21: Seek how Seacows are doing.

Back in stock are Kit 11 BR Seacow Bogie Ballast Hopper NGSK0110 at £19.75 each.

18-Nov-21: Shunted off

Today I finished my part of the Hunslet Distribution process, which involved sending 14 boxes of Hunslets to the volunteers who are going to fulfil your pre-orders. The Membership Secretary is sending out balance requests and balance payments are coming in thick and fast. Each volunteer has a specific set of orders to respond to when given the nod by the MemSec. I too am a ‘volunteer’ for those pre-orders of 4 or more Hunslets, and for all those going overseas. Indeed, I have already started sending some of these out.

So if you hear or see of other members having received their pre-orders, do not despair, as it is a complicated distribution process, but we will, collectively, get to you. The MemSec holds all the pre-order information and is directing the operation, so any queries should go to him in the first instance, as I only get to see the large and overseas orders.

If you have not pre-ordered, then please hold fast. When the pre-ordering process is complete, the (lots of) remaining models of this batch will go up for sale on the NGS online store as usual, and I will process those orders in the usual way. Must go – lots to do!

15-Nov-21: Not another Amazon delivery?

No indeed! – the first batch of the Hunslets are here. This is what 1430 Hunslets looks like – I am going to need a bigger fiddle yard!

The liveries delivered are: NCB Green; NCB Olive; NCB Maroon; British Steel Yellow and RMS Locotec.

IF YOU HAVE PRE-ORDERED – The Membership Secretary is currently sending out balance payment requests and instructions.

IF YOU HAVE NOT PRE-ORDERED – These locos will go on sale to members when the pre-orders have been dealt with.

These are NOT AVAILABLE for sale from the NGS Shop just yet, it is no use asking.

Watch the NGS Website for further information.

13-Nov-21: Hoping for Hoppers?

Then you will be pleased to know that Kit 16 BR 21t Hopper Wagon HTO/HTV (NGSK0160) are back in stock @ £10.45.

09-Nov-21: Fancy a scrap?

In which case you will be needing some Scrap Wagons Kit 68 POA/PNA Tiger Open NGSK0680 are back in stock @ £6.30 each.

04-Nov-21: For those who like a Tipple

Another small batch of Kit 72 PTA/JTA/JUA Iron Ore Tippler NGSK0720 (5-pack) at £94.00 each

28-Oct-21: All ashore!

The missing box has arrived and I have entered all the contents into the inventory of the NGS Shop system. The following items have been received:

NGSR0344 Stove R – Enginers Red5
NGSR0451 Inspection Saloon – LMS Lined Crimson16
NGSR0458 Inspection Saloon – BR Maroon15
NGSR0457 Inspection Saloon – LMS unlined crimson20
NGSR0455 Inspection Saloon – LMS as preserved20
NGSR0459 Inspection Saloon – EWS2
NGSR0556 Collett BG brake Van BR Blue6
NGSR0557 Collett BG Brake Van No. Enparts olive12
NGSR0562 Thompson BG Full Brake Crimson & cream6
NGSR0564 Thompson plain maroon7
NGSR0573 BR Carflat A BR Motorail (400W)20
NGSR0574 BR Carflat A BR Motorail B4 bogies (400X)6
NGSR0603 G.Simmons 7 plank17
NGSR0604 Shell Oils 15′ tank11
NGSW0010 7 Plank Open – “Spencer, Abbot”15
NGSW0020 7 Plank Open – Midland Railway4

28-Oct-21: Land ahoy!

Having spent five days lost in the Bermuda triangle that is Parcel Farce Force, the Out-of-stock stock has finally arrived at Edinburgh today and is now on a van on the way to the shop. So all being well I should be able to get the NGS Shop inventory updated and available by this evening.

27-Oct-21: Kit 58 Back in stock

Kit 58 Warflat post 1976 NGSK0580  are back in stock at £12.55 each.

19-Oct-21: The Shipping Forecast

It’s not Cromarty, Forth, Tyne… but Car-flat, Thompson, Inspection saloon… This is a special notice that certain NGS Ready-to-Run items that have sold out at the NGS Shop are about to be shipped from the Display Stand stock to the Shop for online sale. This will contain in-demand items such as Motorail branded Car-flats, lined maroon Thompsons and some 50th anniversary wagons. Volumes are small, they will sell fast and they will be the last available ever. I’ll post details here when they arrive and go on sale, so keep a weather eye open!

18-Oct-21: Kit 58 battles through

News from Kit Production is that parts have now arrived for Kit 58 Warflat (post 1976) and so this kit will soon be back into production.

18-Oct-21: 3179 – All out

3179 is the number of packs of NGS kits sold to members in the twelve-month period down to end of September 2021. As some packs have more than one vehicle in them, this amounts to 3794 individual units. All of these are hand picked and packed from tens of thousands of component parts by our excellent Kit Production volunteers.

The graphic below shows that there is a great variation in the popularity of different kits – with Kit 11 BR Seacow Bogie Ballast Hopper the clear favourite, andkit 29 7-plank private owner wagons close behind.

17-Oct-21: 5000 – Not Out!

As I came to prepare my September NGS Shop report for the NGS Treasurer, I noticed that I had passed the 5000 mark for the number of orders I have dispatched since I first started as Shop Manager in May 2017. It seems to be an astonishing number to me. I am usually focussed on the dozen or two orders in hand each week and don’t consider the cumulative volumes. But even more amazing is that over the same period to end September 2021 the NGS members had placed orders of a total value of just over a quarter of a million pounds. Of course, that includes VAT and P&P charges, but even so is a great indicator of how healthy and valued both the Shop and the Society is.

I don’t expect I will be in post for the next 5000 orders – although, with the Hunslets and then the Ferry Vans in the wings perhaps I may get even busier into 2022.

A big thank you to all those members who have supported the NGS Shop over the year and years.

04-Oct-21: Scraping the barrel … of a gun

Just had a clear out of the storage boxes and come up with a few remaining military vehicle kits:

NGSV0001 Alvis FV-107 Scimitar light tank  and NGSV0002 GKN Sankey AT-15 Saxon APC . These are the last of these for some while until we find a way of bringing them back into production – along with the rest of the former PG Models ranges the NGS acquired.

04-Oct-21: Just tipped up

Another small batch of Kit 72 PTA/JTA/JUA Iron Ore Tippler NGSK0720 (5-pack) at £94.00 each

01-Oct-21: Bolster your bolster fleet.

Arrived back in stock is Kit 12a BR BDA Bogie Bolster D NGSK0120  on sale at £11.55.

Expected soon is another batch of Kit 72 Iron Ore Tipplers (5-pack).

27-Sep-21: Hop on the Grain train

Newly arrived in stock today a new batch of NGSK0091 Kit 9b. BR Polybulk Distillers Hopper.

These are in the shop now at Kit 9b BR Polybulk Distillers Hopper NGSK0091 for £14.70.

24-Sep-21: Waiting for something cool – or hot?

I have news today from Dapol that the anticipated re-release of NGS Snowploughs and Stove ‘R’s are scheduled to be shipped out in mid-November. The news is however heavily caveated that Dapol is suffering long delays on deliveries from China (aren’t we all?) and so it is not expected that they will arrive before Christmas.

24-Sep-21: The next trains arriving…

…will contain:

A top-up of NGS Journal Binders expected today in readiness for the end-of-year rush, and

another batch of kit 9b NGSK0091 Distillers Polybulk kits – should be here early next week.

Also, coming down the line…

… going into kit production are a a restock of Kit 12a. BR BDA Bogie Bolster D (NGSK0120) and a top-up of Kit 28. RMC JGA Bogie Hopper (NGSK0280)

23-Sep-21: Late back are Plateback

Received today a number of bogie kits including a re-stock of 5ft 6in Plateback Bogies NGSB0004  @ £4.00 per pair. Also another small batch of Kit 72 PTA/JTA/JUA Iron Ore Tippler NGSK0720 5-pack @ £94.00.

23-Sep-21: Orders dispatched

Although the local Post office is still closed (until Monday 27th), the outstanding orders have been dispatched today.

20-Sep-21: The next train arriving…

…will contain another batch of Kit 72 Iron Ore Tipplers (5-pack) and restocks of some bogie kits. Arrived 23rd Sept.

20-Sep-21: Reinforcements arrive

Kit 49. WD Warflat and Kit 50a. WD Warwell have returned to the battlefield:

Go to Kit 49 WD Warflat NGSK0490  @ £11.05

and Kit 50a WD Warwell NGSK0500  @£11.05

20-Sep-21: No go at the P.O.

Our local Newsagent, which hosts the Post Office, is closed due to “staff shortages”, and has been since Wednesday. NGS Shop order dispatch is therefore currently on hold. If the situation does not change by Friday 24th I will take the parcels to the town centre P.O. At time of writing there are eight orders in waiting, see here for details.

15-Sep-21: Coming down the line

News from Kit Production – next in line for delivery are kits 68 POA and 76 VDA with kit 49 Warflat to follow and 50a Warwell and 9b Distillers Polybulk in the wings. Keep watching!

06-Sep-21: The Czech’s in the post.

Some of our antipodean members who endure long delivery times may be heartened to know that they are not the only ones to suffer. A recent posting from the NGS Shop in Livingston, Scotland to the Czech Republic took 10 weeks 3 days to arrive. According to Google maps it would only take 11 days to walk it. The route the parcel took was:

Livingston-Edinburgh-London Heathrow-Canada-Heathrow-Edinburgh-Heathrow-Prague.

Not the most direct route. When I challenged Royal Mail on why it went to Canada first, their response was that “sometimes if there isn’t a direct flight available a parcel is sent via another country to avoid delay”.  Yeah, right. Or maybe some worker at Heathrow Mail Centre threw it in the wrong crate. So, just a warning, delivery delays due to covid may be receding, but those due to human error are still there.

06-Sep-21: TINGS are what they used to be.

I have just sent off three boxes of over 1200 NGS Shop items to the NGS Display Stand manager for sale at the International N Gauge Show. Although I won’t be there myself, please call in at the NGS stand and say hello, where Tim and his team will twist your arm off to buy some goodies to make it all worthwhile. Enjoy the show and stay safe.

03-Sep-21: For hunters of shunters

Recent (favourable) reviews of our Hunslet models in the model railway press have spurred members who missed out on the Hunslet pre-ordering facility to make enquiries about the means of purchasing the models. So, for those new to the story – a few facts:

  • The Hunslets have not arrived in the UK yet (but are expected).
  • When they arrive, the first task will be to distribute to those members who pre-ordered previously. This process is described on the NGS web-site.
  • The rest will then go on sale to the general membership.
  • The factory has said it will release the models in three batches – so not all variants will be available at the same time.
  • There will be plenty of remaining stock of every variant once the pre-orders have been dealt with. This was a deliberate policy by the NGS committee to ensure we have enough stock for new and future members and not just those who were present for the pre-ordering.

I will post news of stock arrival here as it happens. My guess is that for each batch it will take 4-6 weeks to clear the pre-orders, before the remaining stock goes on sale to the general membership.

Keep an eye on the NGS web site and this Shop News (of course!) for further announcements.

25-Aug-21: PNA – gone away!

Also received in the latest consignment was a small number of Kit 33 Railtrack PNA Wagon – twin pack (NGSK0330) Kit 33 Railtrack PNA Wagon – twin pack NGSK0330  @ £12.80. There will not be many more batches of these kits produced, as the chassis (a Poole-era type Farish Presflow chassis) is no longer available and we are running out of our stock. They have always been a slow-selling kit , not in great demand, so they probably will not be greatly missed. However, we do have a number of the wagon body sprues left over. If anyone is interested in these drop me an email ( and they can have them for a nominal £1 to cover the postage cost.

25-Aug-21: The night mail has crossed the border!

Not carrying the cheque and postal-order, unfortunately, but four boxes of goodies. Back into stock are:

21-Aug-21: Coming up the down line.

News from the North (which is south of me) is that there are batches of kit 35a Tiphook PIA/KPA Hopper Wagon (NGSK0350) kits and Kit 77c. LNER-BR Boplate – Y25 bogies (NGSK0773) kits on their way to replenish the empty stocks. Watch out for an update when these arrive and are safely tucked away.

11-Aug-2021: What’s rolled up?

Rolling into my stock today are the long-awaited packs of 6.2 mm solid wheel-sets, available at 4 Axles with 6 2mm Solid Wheels NGSB0300 . “Up” is the operative word as these are much more expensive than the previous batch we had several years ago, now priced at £6 per pack of 4 axles.

Also doing the rounds is the news that a batch of 3-hole wheel-sets have rolled into Kit Production, which means those kits waiting for these can now roll off the production line.

04-Aug-2021: More bunches of fives, but different.

Received today some 5-packs kits. Back in stock are a single Kit 35b JJA Autoballaster NGSK0351 5-pack at £100.90, a single Kit 35c HQA Autoballaster Railtrack NGSK0352 5-pack at £103.40 and a small number of Kit 72 PTA/JTA/JUA Iron Ore Tippler NGSK0720 5-pack at £94.00.

The above have been facilitated by the arrival of new stocks of wheels. However, we are still awaiting other parts for the various kit 35 Autoballaster range, which will follow in due course..

02-Aug-2021: Warwells on Parr with Hoppers

Kits back in stock today:

NGSK0280 Kit 28 RMC JGA Hopper wagon kits, £14.90 at Kit 28 RMC JGA Bogie Hopper NGSK0280

NGSK0390 Kit 39 BR Mullet/Parr Sleeper Wagon, £10.80 at Kit 39 BR Mullet/Parr Sleeper Wagon NGK0390

NGSK0501 Kit 50b. Warwell – post 1976, £10.25 at Kit 50b Warwell – post 1976 NGSK0501

30-Jul-2021: What goes round, comes round (at last)

Wheels are what goes round and the good news at last is that the dearth of wheel-sets has come to an end with a shipment of wheel-sets having just arrived at Kit Production. This means the production lines can resume for all the kits that have been on hold. Kits 28 RMC JGA Bogie Hopper (NGSK0280), 39 BR Mullet/Parr Sleeper Wagon (NGK0390) and 50b Warwell – post 1976 (NGSK0501) will be the first re-appearing. We will also see packs of 6.2mm Solid Wheels (NGSB0300) back on sale in due course.

30-Jul-2021: A bunch of fives from the Distillers.

I have recently received some replacement etches for kit 9b BR Polybulk Distillers Hopper (NGSK0091). There are now five packs ready to buy at £14.70 each at Kit 9b BR Polybulk Distillers Hopper NGSK0091 ( If you miss out on these, then don’t worry. The newly available etches and the newly arrived wheels-sets means that these kits will be back into production before too long.

16-Jul-2021: Southern Comfort is served.

Amongst a batch of recent arrivals at the Shop is a brand-new NGS transfer sheet:

These are decals for Kit 21 SR/BR 12t Box Vans – twin pack, and are available for £1.50. More details on the Shop page at NGST0210 Decals for kit 21 NGSK0210

A number of other transfer sheets have also returned to stock:

09-Jul-2021: No wail for Borail no more.

Just received a new batch of NGSK0380 Kit 38 BR Borail.

For information, some members have asked whether Kit 38 and Kit 39 Mullet/Parr will be continued given the recent announcement of RtR models from Revolution. The NGS will continue to produce these kits while parts are available and there is continued demand for them. Kit 39 is currently out of stock, but more are on the way.

01-Jul-2021: Thanks, and thank you.

In March 2020 the world changed with the first of the Coronavirus lock-downs. We considered that the stay-at-home order would mean we would have to close the NGS shop. However the legislation wording gave us enough wriggle room to carry on as ‘normal’. Its odd to think in those early days I skulked along the side streets and alleyways to get to the post office while avoiding any police patrols. As it happened there were none – and I have not seen any police since come to that. Most days I was the only person on the streets and no traffic which was very surreal. Who would have thought back then that you could go into a post office wearing a mask, gloves and carrying a large bag without someone hitting the panic button?

Things were not quite normal, however. I took to sanitising and quarantining any incoming parcels of stock and mail-orders. The postal system creaked to breaking point – there was no telling if or when anything would arrive. There was also a huge increase in the number of orders coming into the NGS Shop. Most months from March onwards were double the orders of the same month in the previous year. I am glad we stayed open as it was obvious that many members took to kit building as a way of relieving the stresses of lock-down.

To come to the point, I have received some messages of gratitude and thanks for keeping the service going over this difficult period, which I do appreciate. However, although I am the front-man for the NGS Shop, I could not have done this without the support of a number of volunteer-members. As it now looks as though we are getting over the peaks of both the pandemic and the order mountain, I want to express my gratitude in turn to the Membership Secretary (for keeping the online shop system going); the Kit Production Officer and Decals Officer (for keeping products in production); the Kit Packing volunteers (for keeping the stock levels up); my wife (for helping with the order packing) and the NGS Treasurer for making sure my extra large expenses were paid so quickly). It has been a great team effort which reveals just how good the N Gauge Society is when everyone pulls together.

(to be printed in the 04/21 NGS newsletter)

01-Jul-2021: Shell out on some vents! -All gone, sorry!

Recently come to light a small quantity (7 packs) of: UM251: Plastic LMS shell vent (pack of 32) for anyone into kit building. As they are few and not to be repeated these will not appear on the NGS Shop for now. If anyone is interested drop me an email at

£2.00 per pack of 32 plus £1.00 P&P if ordered on their own, or P&P free if included with another order. First come, first served. If/when they sell out, I will delete this post.

28-Jun-2021: Shop Stock Top-up Shock

There were seven boxes of stock on the drive this morning barely supported by the local postie. It took an hour to unpack, count and put into store. There are a number lines back in stock, plus a couple of new release decals sheets, as follows:

A full list of stock received today can be seen at NGS Shop – Stock arrivals | The N Gauge Society

27-Jun-2021: Livid Livery for Liquid Delivery

While surveying one of my old stomping grounds on Google maps © I came across a surprising image (screen-shot below) of a decidedly non-military military vehicle. It is of course the Bv206 amphibious vehicle in the livery of the famous Tan Hill Inn, on top of the Pennines and by the Pennine Way. The pub is billed as the highest pub in Britain and no doubt needs the tracked vehicle to ferry supplies and customers through the winter snows. So, the precedent is set. If you want to model a Bv206 in your miniature pub car-park go to NGSV0004 Bv206 amphibious vehicle ( and buy the NGS kit!

From  Google Maps -Street View, Map Data © 2021, Image Capture July 2016,  accessed on 24-Jun-2021

26-Jun-2021: Stacks of stock shipping to the Shop

News from our Kit Packer of boxes of stock on the way to the NGS shop at the moment. This includes re-stocks of kits 10; 14; 48; 70; 74 and decals for kits 26; 28 and 36. Also re-stock of some of the bogie kits: Cast Y25; Diamond Framed and Southern steam era. More details to follow in the next couple of days as and when they arrive.

13-Jun-2021: Coming down the line

Word from Kit Production is that several thousand wheels are on the way to us in the slow-boat from China. When these arrive, they will go into completing a range of out-of-stock kits for the NGS shop.

Also soon to be released, new decals for kit 26 GWR Plywood and MOGO vans twin, and kit 36 shock wagons open and van twin.

09-Jun-2021: Open season again

Kit 23. RCH/LMS 12t Open Wagon (NGSK0230) 7-Plank, end door, private owner back in stock at £5.60.

06-Jun-2021: More kits back in stock

The return of some old favourites: NGSK0030 Kit 3 MR/LMS/BR Outside Framed Van at £5.90; NGSK0060 Kit 6 Loriot at £6.75; and NGSK0180 Kit 18. LMS/BR 12t Box Vans-twin pack at £10.90

15-May-2021: Kits back in stock:

New stocks arrived today of :

13-May-2021: Wheels, they keep on turning

A recent arrival of a batch of wheels has led to an influx of a number of kits recently, including the return to stock of:

NGSK0123 Kit 12d. BR BDO Bogie Bolster D (Plateback bogies) Kit 12d BR BDO Bogie Bolster D Plateback bogies NGSK0123 ( at £9.75

NGSK0150 Kit 15 LMS/BR Trestrol Bogie Well Wagon Kit 15 LMS/BR Trestrol Bogie Well Wagon NGSK0150 ( at £9.45

NGSK0771 Kit 77a LNER-BR Boplate – Diamond Frame bogies Kit 77a LNER-BR Boplate Diamond Frame bogies NGSK0771 ( at £10.00

I am also reliably informed of the imminent arrival of Kit 6 Loriot (NGSK0060); Kit 49. WD Warflat (NGSK0490) and Kit 75. BR VCA Van (NGSK0750).

29-Apr-2021: Time to jump on the Band Vagn

Yes, it’s finally arrived – the new BV206 Amphibious, articulated two-unit NGS Military Vehicle kit, available now at NGSV0004 Bv206 amphibious vehicle ( priced at £14.00. The ‘BV’ stands for ‘Bandvagn’ meaning ‘Tracked vehicle’ as both driving and trailer units had powered ‘caterpillar’ tracks. See page 7 of the 2/21 NGS Journal for an in-depth description by Paul Gandy and Ben Ando.

Old news is good news!

Click/tap here for archived Shop News