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Announcement of Annual General Meeting (AGM)

    Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting for the N Gauge Society Limited is to be held on Saturday 22nd June 2024, commencing at 2pm.

    The meeting will be held at


    and will be held in conjunction with the exhibition by the Northumberland and Northeast England Area Groups over that weekend. Our thanks are due for their assistance in staging this AGM. In a new venture for the Society, this AGM will be a “hybrid” event, allowing members to attend in person or “virtually” via a Zoom meeting link.

    Those attending in person will need to produce proof of valid membership of the Society – please ensure that your membership details are clearly visible to secure admission.

    For those wishing to attend “virtually” via the Zoom link, please see the procedure outlined below.

    The final format of the meeting is expected to be as last year’s meeting – there will be initial presentations by the Chairman and Treasurer, followed by an opportunity to ask questions of them. This will then be followed by debate on any motions submitted and then finally a general question and answer session. An agenda for the AGM will be published in due course, forwarded to all those who have requested to “attend” the meeting and also posted on the NGS website.

    Procedure to “attend” the meeting via the Zoom meeting link

    Any members wishing to participate in the AGM via Zoom should do so by sending an e-mail request to

    This message should contain, as a subject heading, the words “AGM Attendance Request” and should be sent no later than Friday 14th June 2024.

    The message itself requires only your name (in full) and NGS Membership number.

    The General Secretary will reply to this message by Monday 17th June 2024 with a message consisting of a link to the Web page for the meeting, as well as a “passcode” which will be required to be entered in order for each member to access the meeting. There will also be a brief guide on how to “Raise Hand” during the meeting in order to address the meeting.

    Please note that any applications received after 14th June cannot be processed – this is because the Society’s “Zoom” licence needs to be upgraded for that month only to cater for the increased number of participants.

    At commencement of the meeting, all participants except the Chairman and Treasurer will be “muted” and only unmuted once the meeting goes to “general discussion”.

    Questions regarding this procedure should (naturally) be submitted to me and I will do my level best to answer them !

    Procedure to submit motions for discussion at the AGM

    Any members wishing to submit motions for discussion at the AGM should do so by sending an email to

    Tis message should contain, as a subject heading, the words “AGM Motion Submit” and should be sent no later than Friday 24th May 2024.

    The message itself requires :-

    • · Full name
    • · Membership number
    • · A brief heading for the motion – for inclusion on the meeting agenda
    • · Details of the motion for discussion

    The General Secretary will reply to this message by Monday 27th May 2024 with a message to acknowledge receipt of the submission. The motions will be submitted to Committee during their scheduled monthly meeting on Tuesday 28th May to decide the order of debate.

    NOTE – Please do NOT put attendance requests and motion submissions on the same message.


    To summarise, the applicable dates are as follows :-

    • Friday 24th May 2024 Deadline for submission of AGM Motions
    • Monday 27th May 2024 Acknowledgement of receipt for Motions sent out
    • Tuesday 28th May 2024 Motions submitted to Committee
    • Friday 14th June 2024 Deadline for Attendance Requests
    • Monday 17th June 2024 AGM Meeting Link, Passcode and agenda sent out by the General Secretary to all those members who have requested to attend.
    • Saturday 22nd June 2024 AGM commences at 1400 hrs BST , at which time all those participating will be “admitted” to the Zoom meeting.

    One final point – could those members exhibiting layouts at the show please ensure that there is cover for their operators wishing to attend the AGM, so that the general public may still see trains in motion ?

    Look forward to seeing you all in June 2024 – either in person or virtually !

    Best regards – stay safe and happy modelling

    Arthur Frost

    General Secretary