NGSR0730 Ferryvan final liveries (updated)

The final selection of liveries for the Ferryvan is shown below:

NGSR0731/2 BR Plain (era 5) – Early non boxed text, no door wording **

NGSR0733/4 Early BR (era 5/6) – Box logo: ‘Through to the Continent by British Railways’ **

NGSR0735/6 BR Corporate (era 7) – BR logo: ‘Through to the Continent by British Rail’ **

NGSR0737/8 BR Railfreight Red/Grey (era 7/8) – BR Railfreight logo: ‘Through to the Continent by British Rail’ **

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NGSR0739 BR ZSX Red/grey in departmental use (era 7/8) – BR Railfreight logo, no wording

NGSR073A CE Yellow/Grey ‘Dutch’ (era 8/9) ZSX

NGSR073B Satlink (era 8/9) – ZJX SATLINK LM wording, grey roof


NGSR073C Unpainted

NGSR073C Chassis

** two separate running numbers to be available in these four liveries