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Ferryvan update

The N Gauge Society’s next RTR model – the BR Ferryvan – moves closer towards release with receipt and review of the first engineering prototypes. There are some minor revisions to be made to the CAD, which will be reflected in the next batch of samples.

Livery drawings are now in development and once completed decorated samples will be provided.

Final livery selections are yet to be made, but an initial list includes:

  • BR Plain Bauxite (Era 5 and Preserved)
  • BR Bauxite with early Freight Logo (Era 5/6)
  • BR Bauxite with BR Corporate Logo (Era 7)
  • BR Railfreight Large Logo Red/Grey (Era 7/8)
  • BR Civil Engineers Yellow/Grey ‘Dutch’ (Era 8/9)
  • Unpainted

A number of chassis will also be made available for modellers and kit-bashers.