Hunslet update

You will have hopefully have seen the recent reviews in the Model Press of the Production Hunslets and the extremely positive comments that have come from each of these. This is exactly what we were expecting given the significant work put into developing this ground breaking N gauge model. These Hunslets were airfreighted over specifically for final confirmation by our group that they met our expectations and to then be shared with the Press for Review.

On the back of this the first of the previously communicated 3 shipments should be in the final stages of being prepared and will hopefully be on its way to us very soon. However, as many of you will have seen in the news, the pressures on Chinese industries due to their energy crisis has impacted the Factory producing the Hunslets with them only working 3 days per week, so as I write this in early October we are still awaiting the confirmation of the first shipment being ready to send. 

Rest assured we will keep our website and social media outlets updated with the latest information and we do hope that by the time you read this we will have more positive news on the status of the 1st and subsequent shipments.