Hunslets – first five liveries on general sale and second tranche arrived

Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers involved, the pre-orders for the five liveries that were delivered in the first tranche, i.e. NCB two-tone green, NCB maroon, NCB olive, British Steel yellow and RMS Locotech have now been despatched to all but a few stragglers. Which means that those five liveries are now available for general sale to members.  See the Shop Hunslet page at

As already stated, there is and will be, even after pre-orders have been satisfied, plenty of stock of every livery to more than satisfy early demand. So if your preferred livery hasn’t yet arrived, don’t panic, you don’t need to buy one of the liveries currently available, ‘just in case’!

The second tranche has now arrived (see Shop News page).  For the second and third tranches, we will go through the same procedure of sending out balance requests to members who pre-ordered, sending out the locos when those payments are received, and then making the liveries available for general sale.

Points to bear in mind regarding pre-orders:

Members who pre-ordered more than one model who have already had a payment request because one or more of their required liveries was included in the first tranche, will not be sent another request.

Multiple pre-orders will normally be sent out in a maximum of two packages, unless a third package has been specifically requested and extra p&p paid.