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Journal 6-22 and Industrial Action (3)

    (27/12/22). Further to the post below, we are still receiving reports of missing journals. Hopefully, after the holiday period ends, tomorrow (28th December) and the days immediately after will see the arrival of a few more. If, by the end of the week, you still haven’t received your copy, get in touch with me ( and I will start sending replacement copies out.

    (12/12/22). Given that the revised last posting date for Christmas has now passed, and bearing in mind the reported backlog of items in Royal Mail warehouses, it seems unlikely that any replacement journal copies that I post now will arrive this side of Christmas, during which time the originals might still turn up.

    Any member who still hasn’t received his copy and who wishes to do so can go to and order a pdf (they’re free) to keep him/her going for the time being.  Once the remaining two rounds of strikes between now and Christmas, and Christmas itself, are over, and assuming they don’t walk out again between Christmas and New Year, anyone who still hasn’t received their journal can get in touch with me for a replacement.

    Mike Bloomfield
    Membership Secretary