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BR Lowfit/Twin Bolster

  • Kit 66: BR Lowfit/Twin Bolster
  • NGSK0660
  • era 4-7
  • decals=NGST0660



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Ex Parkwood Models kit. This twin pack will build either two BR Lowfit wagons or a permanently coupled Twin Bolster pair of wagons. BR built 2750 steel lowfit wagons 1950-7, they were in use into the 80s. The later builds had more ribs on the side, the kit builds one of each type. In 1961 BR converted redundant lowfits to permanently coupled twin bolsters for carrying steel, these lasted into the 1980s.

The decals sheet contains markings for the lowfit (left) and twin bolster (right) and a variety of markings for later departmental use.

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