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GWR Planked, Plywood & MOGO Vans

  • Kit 26: GWR Planked, Plywood & MOGO Vans
  • NGSK0260
  • era 3-6
  • decals NGST 0260
  • difficulty beginner



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From 1933 the GWR built more than 6000 ventilated vans with planked sides to designs V23 (fitted) and V24/34 (unfitted). A further 266 were built as PARTO vans to design V26, these having internal partitions to protect loads (e.g. biscuits) from being damaged during shunting. The GWR built 800 ventilated vans with plywood sides to design V36 (fitted) and V37 (unfitted) before nationalisation, with BR adding a further 330 following nationalisation. In 1935 the GWR built 350 MOGO (Motorcar Goods) wagons to design G31. These vehicles were almost identical to design V23 vans, except that they had doors built in the ends to facilitate loading of motor cars. In 1947 a further 100 were built with plywood sides to a design G43, but these had planked ends. In service, unfitted vans were always common user (i.e shared between companies), with the fitted vans becoming common user from 1939. MOGOs do not appear to have ever been common user vehicles and were used mainly for sending new vehicles from factories to distributors, these being replaced by Carflats in the 1960s. This is an all plastic kit and features two different pairs of sides and three different pairs of ends, thus enabling models of any two of the prototypes to be built. Two Peco 10ft wheelbase steel solebar chassis are included in the kit as are suitable transfers.

The decals sheet includes markings for early and later GWR styles, and early and later (boxed) BR markings. Should be enough or at least 3 vans in each era.

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