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MR/LMS/BR Outside Framed Van

  • Kit 3 MR/LMS/BR Outside Framed Van
  • NGSK0030
  • era 2-4
  • decals=NGST0030
  • difficulty beginner



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The Midland Railway built about 7,000 of these vans between 1883 and 1916 (with some minor variations). Some of these vans survived into BR days. Until around WW1, almost all vans were built with the wooden framework outside, making them very distinctive compared with later vans that had the frames inside leaving the outside smooth. Assembly is straightforward, although minor modification is required to the Peco 10ft wheelbase wooden solebar chassis (included).

Decals contain enough markings for 3 vans for each of 4 different periods/liveries: MR, early LMS, late LMS, BR.

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