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Reorganisation of Kit Production

    Arthur Frost, General Secretary

    After several years as Kit Production Officer, Richard Bardsley is stepping down.
    Consequently, the Committee is looking at ways to reorganise the kit production process so
    that it is robust and protected for years to come and can continue to provide the best
    possible service to our members. All the Society’s kits are now back in production, apart
    from a small number that have been retired. The challenge is to make sure that this
    availability can continue with minimal interruption.

    Although we have several volunteers to assist with the packing of components, regrettably
    we do not yet have someone who has expressed a desire to step into Richard’s shoes and
    oversee the process of producing and arranging the supply of the kits. As a Committee post,
    the person taking on this role would be needed to attend Committee meetings as well as
    dealing with the kit production role itself. Committee meetings normally take place on a
    Monday evening online via Zoom video conferencing although it is expected that one or
    perhaps two meetings per year would be face-to-face.

    If you feel you could possibly relish taking on this role, then please contact the General
    Secretary either by email or to the postal address in the Journal.

    On behalf of its members, the Committee would like to thank Richard for his sterling service
    over the years and his assurances of his best efforts to achieve a smooth transition to his