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Overseas Area Groups

Ireland Area Group

Area CoveredIreland
ContactDavid Wynne
Telephone0035 38724 78378

Western Australia Area Group

Area CoveredThe group is based in the Southern suburbs of the Perth Metropolitan Area, however we cater for any member who lives in Perth and the surrounding districts.
ContactBarry Bryant
TelephoneMobile Barry Bryant 0488 990 072
emailBarry Bryant on
Meet OnGenerally we meet for a general meeting on one or two Sundays a month. The date would depend on work commitments of some of our members. We also have a Workshop Wednesday generally a number of times a month where we work on the groups modular layouts, but again this depends on work commitments.
Meeting LocationThe monthly meeting is generally held at members houses. We now have our Moduler layout permanently set up at a members house where members can run and test there locos. Please contact Barry or Geoff to find out location of next meeting. Workshop Wednesdays are held at Geoff Bells house, again please contact Barry or Geoff to determine the date of the next meeting and the location.
Other InfoThe group is currently working on a modular layout system based on the BendTrack system. To date we have 6 completed modules, with 2 more nearing completion and plans for at least 4 more. The various members are encouraged to build modules to the standards devised by the group. We successfully exhibited the layout for the first time in June 2023, then in October 2023. It is our intention to display at exhibitions around Perth at least twice a year from now on. The layout format would change at each exhibition depending on what modules have been completed.

South East Queensland Area Group

Area CoveredSouth East Queensland
ContactKevin Knight

Perth & Peel Area Group (Western Australia)

Area CoveredWestern Australia – Perth more based on a North/South axis of Perth and Mandurah's coastal suburbs
ContactNigel Fisher
Meet OnContact Group Leader for more info
Meeting LocationThe group meets at members houses. Contact group leader for dates times and location confirmation