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Special Interest Groups

World Wide Area Group

This group is for N Gauge modellers interested in modelling railways outside Great Britain, regardless of age or period. This includes steam, diesel, and electric traction. As a member of the WorldWide Group you can follow your own interests while benefiting from the advantages of a larger international society. To find out more click on the link below.

World Wide Area Group

Era 1 and 2 Group

The Era 1 & 2 Group exists to raise awareness of the possibility for modelling the pre-grouping era in N gauge. Membership is free to all NGS members who have an interest in the railways which existed in Britain before the Grouping of 1923, whether or not they are currently modelling this period.

Many people think that it is not possible to model the pre-grouping period in N because “the trade doesn’t support it”. They may be surprised to learn that over a hundred different pre-grouping locomotive types have been produced as RTR models or kits for British N gauge, and that over sixty of these are either current production items, or recently discontinued items which are still readily obtainable on the second-hand market.

The Era 1 & 2 Group operates primarily as an e-newsletter group. The newsletter is produced three times a year and either e-mailed to members, or sent to them in hard copy if they do not have an e-mail address. The newsletter contains product news on items of interest to pre-grouping modellers, articles by group members describing their modelling and modelling ideas, photographs, editorial comment – in fact, pretty much everything that you would expect to see in an N Gauge Journal which was exclusively devoted to the pre-grouping period.

If you want to know more, email Jeremy Burrows by clicking below:

NN3 Group

This group is for N Gauge modellers interested in the narrow gauge scene, whether it be a feeder line to your standard N Gauge layout or a full-blown, stand-alone narrow gauge set up.  Group members generally use Z gauge trackwork but some experiments are being undertaken with the use of the T Gauge track.
Interested? Contact details are published in the NGS Newsletter.  Alternatively, email Ian Coe via the link below:Membership of the Group brings you a quarterly newsletter “Narrow Minded”, containing layout articles, advice, “how to” projects, and the latest on new products of use to the narrow gauge modeller in N.