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NGS Products

The N Gauge Society produces a large number of kits and ready to run items all available to members of the Society. These can be purchased from the online shop or through mail order or from the stand at major shows.

Forthcoming Products



The Hunslet industrial 0-6-0 Shunter is the NGS’s first powered ready-to-run offering. Many of these locomotives were built from the 1960s onwards and saw use in collieries, steelworks, refineries, quarries, paper mills and other industrial locations. The last loco was built in 1988 for Caledonian Paper in Irvine and at least 23 still survive in industrial use (with a further 6-10 in preservation).


The N Gauge Society’s next RTR model – the popular BR Ferryvan – has reached another milestone with the final approval of the CAD drawings.  

Ready to Run

The N Gauge Society has a range of Ready to Run products including

  • Carflats
  • Thompson Brakes
  • Inspection Saloons
  • Queen Mary Brakevans


The NGS offers a wide range of kits for members to purchase.

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Decals, Bogies and other products

Alongside our extensive range of kits are the decals needed to produce the finished rolling stock. Details alongside each kit or on the Shop website.

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N Gauge Society Shop

The N Gauge Society online shop sells all of the currently available products. It also contains:

  • pricing information
  • stock availability.

The online shop is also where you can join the NGS to enable you to purchase our products.