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The N Gauge Society

Welcome to the N Gauge Society (NGS) website. We are a non-profit making organisation, run by volunteers for the benefit of the railway modelling hobby in general and N Gauge modellers in particular. We have several thousand members in the UK and abroad, and actively welcome new members, whatever their current skill levels.

The N Gauge Society was formed in 1967 by a small group of N Gauge modellers from West Yorkshire, supported by the late Sydney Pritchard, founder of the present day Peco company.  The Society’s aims then, as now, were to promote the gauge and encourage active participation in N Gauge railway modelling.

From its earliest beginnings, the Society has strived to help its members with supportive services such as the Journal, Area Groups and a Helpline.  Being a Society means helping each other.  It was this cooperation led to the Society’s first wagon kit being produced in the 1980s – no-one predicted at the time that this would grow to be the biggest range of kits in N Gauge.

The Society continues to be at the forefront of N Gauge modelling – join us and enjoy the benefits that thousands of N Gauge modellers have already discovered.

Supporting N Gauge Modellers

Member’s Handbook

The 200 page Handbook is issued to all new members as part of the one-off joining fee.  It is a useful reference for members with details about the Society and N Gauge modelling.  This information is designed to supplement readily available general publications.  It is just the thing to get you started modelling in N Gauge.


The Society offers a postal/email help service for all members.  If you need to know a bit more about anything from wiring a layout to researching a prototype, the Helpline team will try to answer your query.  Over time, this is building into an effective knowledge database to share with all members.

Exclusive Products

The Society has the largest range of N Gauge wagon kits, and a growing range of Ready-To-Run (RTR) models.  All of these products are exclusive to members only, as they are only made possible by members banding together to bring these projects to fruition.

The kits and models are available online or via mail order from the Society’s Shop or on the Display Stand at model railway exhibitions.

The N Gauge Society Journal

There are six issues per year of the full-colour Journal with news, views and reviews, as well as articles and photographs entirely about N Gauge.

A Newsletter contains news about Society business such as the AGM, committee meetings, and members’ sales and wants.