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Mini Stand

The Mini Stand, at which we are pleased to welcome new members and offer renewals to current members, visits a number of shows around the country each year.


The Mini-Stand has been redesigned and updated and entered the exhibition circuit early in 2022. The Mini-Stand visits the smaller exhibitions that Tim and the Main Stand do not attend and on average completes two events a month.

What is the Mini Stand

The mini stand is designed primarily as an information stand with the ability to sign up new members and process membership renewals. It will also have a Mini-Stand Shop from August 2023 selling NGS Ready to Run Models (More Details down the page)

The Mini Stand comprises five information board which promotes the following NGS facilities:

  • NGS (Online) Shop
  • Benefits of NGS Membership and a list of the various types of membership and the associated membership fees.
  • NGS Area Groups information
    • List of Area Group Points of Contact
    • Map of the local Area with the locations of Area Groups Identified
    • Map of the UK identifying all the area groups in the British Isles
  • Latest News – Hot of the press news sometimes before it is seen in the Journal or Newsletter
  • Mini Stand Shop Information
    • Current Stock & Stock Levels

The mini stand also has two dioramas for displaying NGS Exclusive Ready to Run Models, a central rotating turntable for displaying models.

There are also two running tracks (one DC and one DCC) running NGS Stock. Please note there is also the option to use this track to test anything you have bought at the event. Just ask for assistance.

Where can I visit the Mini Stand?

DateShow / ExhibitionMini Stand Shop Available
23rd and 24th SeptemberWessex Association of Model Railway Clubs – Blandford Forum ShowYes
14th and 15th OctoberFarnham and DistrictYes
28th and 29th OctoberHazel Grove and District MRCYes
14th JanuaryWeston-super-MareYes
30th MarchBerkshire Area Group Show (TBC)Yes
11th/12th MayIsle of Wight Heritage Railway Open WeekendYes

Mini Stand Shop

The Mini Stand Shop is a new facility which was tested at the Milton Keynes Event with a limited stock of Ferry Vans and was very popular.

Based on this the shop will be stocked with the following items from August. Please remember that stock may only be sold to NGS members so please bring along proof of membership.

Product NumberDescriptionUnit PriceStock
NGSM0002Society Logo Badge – Pin£2.355
NGSM0003Society Logo Badge – Stud£2.355
NGSM0502Gauges – Track & Point Roller Gauge£4.005
NGSR0341LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ BR Maroon£14.757
NGSR0342LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ BR Crimson & Cream£14.7510
NGSR0343LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ BR Blue£14.7510
NGSR0345LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ BR Crimson£14.7510
NGSR0346Stove 6-wheeled chassis only£7.2020
NGSR0347LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ Pullman livery£14.7510
NGSR0421Snowplough BR 60’s plain black£19.055
NGSR0422Snowplough BR 60’s black with hazards£19.055
NGSR0423Snowplough BR Blue£19.055
NGSR0424Snowplough BR Black with Staggered Chevrons£19.055
NGSR0425Snowplough BR 70/80s black with hazards£19.055
NGSR0445Queen Mary Brake Van – CE Dutch (377-876Y)£17.003
NGSR0446Queen Mary Brake Van – EWS (377-876X)£17.003
NGSR0455LMS 50ft Inspection Saloon – Preserved(Crim/Yellow ends) (374-875U)£23.003
NGSR0457LMS 50ft Inspection Saloon – LMS Unlined Crimson (374-875S)£23.003
NGSR0563Thompson BG Full Brake – BR plain crimson era 4 (374-860X)£24.003
NGSR0565Thompson BG Full Brake – BR blue era 6/7 (374-860Z)£24.003
NGSR0566Thompson BG Full Brake – BR plain maroon era 5/6 (374-860Y)£24.003
NGSR0575BR Carflat A – BR Carflat A BR bauxite with B4 bogies (377-400Y)£26.003
NGSR0576BR Carflat A – BR Carflat A Railease yellow (377-400Z)£26.003
NGSR0591Hunslet Shunter – 1. NCB NE area two-tone green£82.005
NGSR0592Hunslet Shunter – 2. NCB Midlands maroon£82.005
NGSR0594Hunslet Shunter – 4. Esso red£82.005
NGSR0595Hunslet Shunter – 5. BP original white£82.005
NGSR0596Hunslet Shunter – 6. BP green£82.005
NGSR0597Hunslet Shunter – 7. CEGB Orange£82.005
NGSR059AHunslet Shunter – 10. RMS Locotec blue/GREY£82.005
NGSR059BHunslet Shunter – 11. ‘Black Agnes’ Lafarge green£82.005
NGSR059CHunslet Shunter – 12. RfD sectorisation triple grey£82.005
NGSR059DHunslet Shunter – 13. Harry Needle Railroad Co yellow£82.005
NGSR059EHunslet Shunter – 14. Caledonian pale blue£82.005
NGSR059FHunslet Shunter – 15. ‘Big John’ blue£82.005
NGSR0731BR Ferry Van Plain GB786873 era 5£30.0010
NGSR0732BR Ferry Van Plain GB786930 era 5£30.0010
NGSR0733BR Ferry Van Early B787110 era 5/6£30.0010
NGSR0734BR Ferry Van Early B787153 era 5/6£30.0010
NGSR0735BR Ferry Van Corporate B787190 era 7£30.0011
NGSR0736BR Ferry Van Corporate B786951 era 7£30.0011
NGSR0737BR Ferry Van Railfreight B787151 revenue era 7/8£30.0010
NGSR0738BR Ferry Van Railfreight B786974 revenue era 7/8£30.0010
NGSR0739BR Ferry Van Red/Grey DB786944 departmental era 7/8£30.0010
NGSR073ABR Ferry Van ‘Dutch’ DB786980 era 8/9£30.0010
NGSR073BBR Ferry Van Satlink LM era 8/9£30.0010
NGSR073CBR Ferry Van Unpainted£26.4011
NGSR073DBR Ferry Van – chassis only£24.005
NGSR0900St Ives Corn Exchange Building£9.005
NGSR0901Business Signs for NGSR0900 – St Ives Corn Exchange (Free with NGSR0900)£0.005
N/NDapol PO Wagon – Spencer & Abbott£11.102