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NGS Shop News

December 2023: Last orders, please!

Royal Mail have advised that the last posting date for parcels is Monday 18th December for UK pre-Christmas delivery. If you require any items delivered before Christmas then you must submit your order to us before Friday 15th December to be in with a chance.

December 2023: NGS Shop Temporary Closure

Please note the NGS Shop will be closed for a few days between Christmas and New Year. This is to facilitate the annual stock-take as required to value our asset holding for the annual financial report.

November 2023: Journal folders back in stock

Just in time before the new year comes around, a new batch of NGS Journal Folders (NGSM0175) are now in stock. These are a little bit wider then previous folders to hold the thicker 100 page Journals we enjoy these days. They continue to accommodate 12 issues – two year’s worth of Journals. Find them at Journal Folder or Handbook Ringbinder (

November 2023: Shop status update

Thanks to the herculean efforts of our ace Kit Packer, the Shop has received over 470 kits, replenishing a number of the kit lines:

  • Bogie NGSB 101 Bogie Pivots and Retaining Pins. 
  • Kit 02 NGSK0020 GWR Mink C Box Van. 
  • Kit 03 NGSK0030 Midland Van. 
  • Kit 06 NGSK0060 GWR/BR Loriot. 
  • Kit 11 NGSK0110 BR Seacow Bogie Ballast wagon. 
  • Kit 16 NGSK0160 Hopper wagon HTO/HTV. 
  • Kit 18 NGSK0180 LMS/BR 12 Tom Box Vans. 
  • Kit 19 NGSK0190 BR 21 Ton Mineral Wagon. 
  • Kit 21 NGSK0210 SR/ BR Vans Twin Pack. 
  • Kit 22 NGSK0220 Shark Ballast Plough Brake Van. 
  • Kit 24 NGSK0240 Mk1 Horse Box. 
  • Kit 28 NGSK0280 RMC JGA Hopper wagon. 
  • Kit 36 NGSK0360 BR Shock Van and Open. 
  • Kit 37 NGSK0371 TTA Chemical Wagon. 
  • Kit 48 NGSK0480 LMS/ GWR 5 Plank Open. 
  • Kit 49 NGSK0490 Warflat Wagon. 
  • Kit 50a NGSK0500 Warwell Bogie Wagon. 
  • Kit 50b NGSK0501 Rebuilt Warwell – post 1976. 
  • Kit 51 NGSK0510 GWR/BR Ling
  • Kit 61 NGSK0610 BR Vanwide. 
  • Kit 68 NGSK0680 POA Scrap Aggregate Open. 
  • Kit 80 NGSK0800 LMS/GWR Medfit 3 Plank Open. 
  • Fret NGSM0404 Etched Frets Drain / Manhole Covers. 

We are also working on introducing a new range of our easy-build Kit 29 P.O. 7-plank Open wagons in seven regional variants.

October 2023: Shop status update

Following the temporary NGS Shop closure in September, the Shop is now up and running as (nearly) normal.

The new Dispatch Manager (Andrew) is now on board. He holds the stock and picks/packs/posts the orders out to members.

Unfortunately the hand-over of the shop administration has not happened due to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore I am continuing with that role for now, working in conjunction with Andrew to fulfill orders. We have dispatched over 80 orders in the first 3 weeks of operation and so it appears to be going well.

There will be a NGS Committee meeting at the end of the month to consider the next steps forward, but rest assured that the NGS Shop will continue to serve the members.

New stock:

Meanwhile, the Dispatch Manager took delivery of his first batch kit re-stock (17th Oct) including several that had been out-of-stock:

  • NGSB 0201 Large Rectangular Buffers – 25 (31)
  • NGSK 0030 Midland Railway Van
  • NGSK 0180 LMS/BR 12 Ton Box Van
  • NGSK 0210 SR/BR 12T Box Vans
  • NGSK 0230 RCH Open Wagon
  • NGSK 0270 BR Salmon Engineer’s Wagon
  • NGSK 0046 BR Bogie Bolster E (BEV) YCV Talbot
  • NGSK 0049 Warflat Bogie Flat
  • NGSK 0670 LNER Van Twin
  • NGSK 0068 POA Scrap / Aggregate Open
  • NGSK 0069 BR Limpet Ballast Wagon
  • NGSK 0070 BR Standard Van Twin Pack
  • NGSK 0074 BR China Clay Wagon
  • NGSK 0800 LMS/BR Medfit Plank Open

Our thanks go to the kit production team for a sterling effort on such a large batch.

There are still a large number of kits to come but we are awaiting a long overdue batch of wheels to complete the kits.


Since the new FerryVans went on sale in June 2023, we have sold 740 to date through the NGS Shop (and more through the Display Stand and Mini-stand). This makes it the biggest selling Ready-to-Run line this year – equaling the rest of the R-t-R line put together

Old news is good news!

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