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NGS Shop News

Updated by Adrian Cotterill, NGS Shop Manager,

18-May-22: Hunslet update

Following my hint of a few days ago, anyone waiting on or wanting any of the Hunslet models in batch 3, please see the update published by the Membership Secretary at Hunslets – latest news on 3rd tranche – N Gauge Society.

n-gauge at

15-May-22: Lets look at a booklet

During a recent NGS Committee meeting, it was decided that a re-print of many of the NGS Booklets on N gauge modelling should be commissioned, and that these should be available to members free of charge at the NGS Shop, or at the NGS Display Stand at exhibitions.

These are now available at Society Booklets (hard copies or PDFs) ( Note that although the booklets are free of charge, P&P is not so be sure to include that if ordering booklets alone.

n-gauge at

15-May-22: The quiet before the storm

The period between the end of the Easter Holidays and mid-July tends to be quieter for the NGS Shop in terms of numbers of orders arriving. I think this is because members are found better things to do such as gardening, decorating and taking a holiday before the schools break up. The pandemic years interrupted that pattern dramatically, but it appears to be back right now.

Just as well for me, as my local post office has closed due to the collapse of the McColl news agency business, I am having to about-face my order processing systems to interact with the Royal Mail online system rather than the Post Office system. The changes will take some time to filter through and may result in different methods of reporting order progress, both on the ‘Recent Orders’ page on the website at Recent Order Status – N Gauge Society, and the email notifications sent to members.

Please bear with me while this transition is underway and I apologise for any inconsistency or delays arising in the meantime. Hopefully this will be completed by the time of the next storm – another batch of Hunslets being readied for shipment in Hong Kong!

n-gauge at

01-May-22: Private Owners looking for private owners.

Back in stock are a range of the popular, beginners level, Private Owner open 7-plank wagon kits as variations of kit 29, available at Kit 29 7-plank Private Owner various liveries at £5.00 each.

NGSK02927-plank PO Dorman Long, Port Clarence
NGSK02937-plank PO Arthur Day, Swindon
NGSK02947-plank PO D.R.Llewellyn, Aberdare
NGSK02957-plank PO Michael Whittaker, Leeds & Hull
NGSK02967-plank PO Norton & Biddulph, Stoke-on-Trent
NGSK02977-plank PO Pinxton, Nottingham
NGSK02987-plank PO Railway Employees Coal Club, St.Albans
NGSK02997-plank PO Carron Co., Falkirk
NGSK029A7-plank PO Settle Speakman & Co Ltd., Alsager
NGSK029B7-plank PO A. Goodall & Co., Birmingham
NGSK029C7-plank PO Coalpit Heath Coal Co., Coalpit
NGSK029D7-plank PO Cawoods, Leeds
NGSK029E7-plank PO James Cropper, Kendal

27-Apr-22: To USB or not USB, that is the question.

The answer is simpler. If you want electronic back copies of NGS Journals but don’t have a CD/DVD drive on your device, then they are now available on USB memory sticks. Get them at Journal CDs and USBs  £3.50 for the six Journals of any one year and £5.00 for a fanta-stick compilation of Journals from 1968 through to 2018.

21-Apr-22: Grainflows flow gains again.

A box of 4 dozen Kit 9a Grainflow hoppers just turned up, available now at Kit 9a BR Polybulk Grainflow Hopper NGSK0090 £13.75 each.

21-Apr-22: Take you pick of bogies

(behave! You nose what I mean)

Arrived today two boxes of NGS bogie kits from Kit Production including restocks of:

  • B0001  Fabricated Y25 Bogies;
  • B0010 8ft Southern Steam Bogies;
  • B0011 Gloucester GPS22 bogies and
  • B0014 English Steel ESC-1 bogies.

All available at Bogies, Wheels, Couplers, Buffers, Reamers  for £4 the pair.

20-Apr-22: latest news on Hunslets third batch

This just in from the Treasurer:

The latest news we have from the Factory is that they are working through to finalise the third batch ready to ship to us soon although there was an issue with some of the PCB’s in some models that needs to be rectified first. This information was received prior to the latest round of lockdowns in China so it may be a few more weeks before we know when Tranche 3 will arrive for sure. 

Rest assured we are pushing to get this final tranche here as soon as possible so please keep an eye on the website and social media of the Society for the latest news.

Robert Symmons


For information, the third and final batch of Hunslets will include BP White; BP Green; Esso Red; Port Authority Blue/Yellow and CEGB Orange, along with undecorated models and spare parts.

19-Apr-22: Diamonds are forever (forever, forever)

Maybe, in a James Bond movie, but at the NGS Shop they come and they go. But just now they have come again: 5ft 6in LMS/BR Diamond Frame Bogies NGSB0009 are back in stock again at £4 the pair.

Further types of NGS bogie kits are also on the way to the Shop.

02-Apr-22: … and here comes the Yorkshire Packer.

Who is also a very nice man (and member volunteer) and is sending me a restock of Kit 1.  BR Hopper Wagon HJO/HJV (NGSK0010) and Kit 20. BR Anhydrite Hopper Wagon (NGSK0200), amongst other things – almost 200 kits in total. Again, due in next week.

02-Apr-22: Here comes the Bogie-man…

Actually,  he’s a very nice man (and member volunteer) and he is not coming, but rather, sending me some new stocks of NGS bogie kits. On the way are:

  • Bogie Fabricated Y25 Kits – NGSB0001
  • Bogie Cast Y25 Kits – NGSB0002
  • And also Couplers (10 per pack) – NGSB0100

These should be in the shop next week.

I am also informed that Kit 16: BR 21t Hopper Wagon HTO/HTV (NGSK0160) and Kit 19. BR 21t Mineral Wagon( NGSK0190) are in production.

28-Mar-22: A bunch of fives

Not, not fisty-cuffs, but five boxes of kits arrived this morning, including the following returning to stock:

  • Kit 8 (NGSK0080) LMS/BR Bogie Kit Bolster D
  • Kit 35a  (NGSK0350) Tiphook PIA/ KPA Hopper Wagon
  • Kit 37a (NGSK0371) TTA Chemical  Tank Wagon
  • Kit 37b (NGSK0372) Storage Tank

25-Mar-22: Mixed freight arriving

News from Kit Production about re-stocks on the way – Kit 8 (NGSK0080 LMS/BR Bogie Kit Bolster D); kit 35a  (NGSK0350 Tiphook PIA/ KPA Hopper Wagon); Kit 37a (NGSK0371 TTA Chemical  Tank Wagon) and Kit 37b (NGSK0372 Storage Tank) due in next week.

23-Mar-22: In for a Shock?

Kit 36 has returned to stock – Kit 36 BR Shock Wagons Open & Van – twin pack NGSK0360 ( at £8.80 the pair.

12-Mar-22: Wot a lot of Loriot

Just received a delivery of Kit 6 Loriot (NGSK0060), the ever popular 4-wheeled well wagon kit.

These can be found at Kit 6 GWR/BR Loriot 4-wheel Wagon NGSK0060 ( priced at £6.75.

Also back to the spawning grounds are a restocking of Salmon –Kit 27a BR Salmon Engineers Wagon NGSK0270 ( and  Kit 27b YSA/YWA Salmon post-1998 NGSK0271 (  both priced at £14.25 each.

On the way to the NGS Shop – Kits 66 BR Lowfit/Twin Bolster twin pack (NGSK0660), Kit 37a. TTA Chemical Tanker (NGSK0371) and Kit 69. ZKA Limpet Spoil Open (NGSK0690) – due next week.

08-Mar-22: Thompsons about to become an-teak.

A poignant moment for me at the week-end as I opened the very last box of Thompson BG full brake in LNER simulated teak. These were the new kids on the block when I took on Shop Management in 2017. The Lined Maroon version sold out a long time ago and were followed by the Crimson and Cream livery. These are the last 30-ish of the Teak livery – ever! -and will leave only the Blue, plain Crimson and plain Maroon in stock. These can be found at Thompson BG Full Brake ( priced at £24.00 each. Note however that we still offer a 10% discount on any combination of five or more of Thompsons, Car-flats, Inspection Saloons and Queeny Mary brakes.

Old news is good news!

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