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  • Impact of Royal Mail Strike (updated)

    Royal Mail workers are to hold further strikes on Friday 30th September and other dates in October and November. To avoid potential loss of parcels at this time the NGS Shop will not dispatch any parcels on days where they may be delayed by strike action. See NGS Shop News for more details. As usual,… Read More »Impact of Royal Mail Strike (updated)

  • Hunslets – latest news on 3rd tranche

    The factory reported that, although progress had been made with the balance of our Hunslets, it was still waiting for a quantity of replacement PCBs to be delivered to enable it to fully complete the order.  The Society therefore took the decision to ask that the portion of tranche 3 which was available, should be… Read More »Hunslets – latest news on 3rd tranche

  • Journal 5/22

    Journal 5/22 (Sep/Oct) mailing was handed to Royal Mail by our distributors on Wednesday 21st September. Members who have registered for e-journals instead of hard copies should have received an email by Saurday 24th September containing the links enabling them to obtain their copy. If not, email Members who have not registered for e-journals… Read More »Journal 5/22

  • Further livery info on the Cowans Sheldon cranes

    The Society Product Development Officer has advised some amendments to the list of liveries originally published. For details, please see the Crane contributions page at – the Society Shop/Membership website.

  • Cowans Sheldon 6.5/10 ton Hand Crane – will you be interested in having one?

    Our next r-t-r offering after the Ferryvan, the Cowans Sheldon hand crane (see journal 3/22), is tentatively anticipated to be released in 2023 and, barring any unforeseen occurrences, it is similarly anticipated that the price will be £51 per model, including VAT. To assist the Society in covering interim payments required by  the manufacturer in… Read More »Cowans Sheldon 6.5/10 ton Hand Crane – will you be interested in having one?

  • Reorganisation of Kit Production

    Arthur Frost, General Secretary After several years as Kit Production Officer, Richard Bardsley is stepping down.Consequently, the Committee is looking at ways to reorganise the kit production process sothat it is robust and protected for years to come and can continue to provide the bestpossible service to our members. All the Society’s kits are now… Read More »Reorganisation of Kit Production

  • Hunslet balances

    If you pre-ordered a Hunslet or Hunslets and receive a request for payment of your balance, PLEASE NOTE that should you inadvertently make an overpayment, it will NOT be refunded but, instead, your membership period will be extended accordingly. Apologies for this, but there are only so many hours in the day! (Repeat of item… Read More »Hunslet balances