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Latest News

  • Position Vacancy- Treasurer

    After several years as Treasurer of the Society, Bob Symmons has announced his intention to step down from the role with effect from the AGM this year and we are therefore in need of a suitable volunteer to take over the excellent job that Bob has done over the years. A brief Job Description is…

  • Shop Stock Update

    Big delivery of Bogies received and other low stock kits, all available in the shop now. In addition, Vanwide transfers have arrived and will be on sale shortly.

  • Ex-Modelmaster Transfers and Plates

    Richard Brown, our Modelmaster Officer, has been working hard to sort, count and pack the transfers. Many of these are now for sale on the shop website and the remainder will be added in small batches as they become available. The etched nameplates are now fully sorted and inventoried. Work is ongoing to find an…

  • NGS Layout Badges

    NGS Layout Badges can now be purchased by members via the Shop, Main Display Stand or Area Group Stand.

  • Undecorated and Port Authority Hunslets

    The undecorated and Port Authority Hunslet’s, have now been released to the shop stock, following pre-order fulfilment, and are therefore available to buy.  Please note there are very limited numbers of the Undecorated variant, in particular, so be quick if you want to secure one. Both variants are only £82 and available to Society members…

  • Shop Stock Update

    Some more kits back in stock on the 28th May.

  • NGS Accounts for 2023

    The accounts for 2023 were published in Newsletter 2023 3. Unfortunately, the commentary that normally accompanies the accounts was omitted and is therefore attached to this post.