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Shop Stock Update

    Big delivery of Bogies received and other low stock kits, all available in the shop now.

    • NGSK0110 BR Seacow Bogie Ballast Hopper
    • NGSK0711 FPA Russell Coal Wagon 
    • NGSB0010 8ft Southern Bogies 
    • NGSB0005 5ft 6” Gloucester Bogies 
    • NGSB0012 NACCO Axle Motion Bogies 
    • NGSB0014 ESC-1 Bogies 
    • NGSB0006 Gresley Bogies 
    • NGSK0120 BR Bogie Bolster D BDA/BLA 
    • NGSK 0123 BR BDO Bolster D 
    • NGSK0390 Mullet/ Parr 

    In addition, Vanwide transfers have arrived and will be on sale shortly.