To help celebrate the NGS’s  50th anniversary, the Society has produced its first powered ready-to-run offering – a model of the Hunslet industrial 0-6-0 Shunter.  Many of these locomotives were built from the 1960s onwards and saw use in collieries, steelworks, refineries, quarries, paper mills and other industrial locations. The last loco was built in 1988 for Caledonian Paper in Irvine and at least 23 still survive in industrial use (with a further 6-10 in preservation).

The model’s specification includes 0-6-0 chassis with coreless motor and low gearing for smooth running plus stay-alive capacitor; wheels to NMRA standards and NEM couplers.  All models are factory-fitted with a DCC decoder and are designed to run on either DC or DCC ‘out of the box’ and they also feature loco-specific handrails and bonnet details, along with flashing amber cab roof beacons where appropriate

The Hunslets are due for delivery from the factory shortly and will be delivered in three batches at roughly monthly intervals. Once the first batch has been sent to those who pre-ordered the model the remaining locomotives from each batch will go on general sale.