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Annual Model Making Competition rules

1    The Model Making Competition shall consist of the classes as set out in the attached schedule or as amended from time to time by the Management Committee.

2    Entry forms (not the model) must be returned to the Competition coordinator by the date specified in the N Gauge Society Journal. No entries to the competition will be accepted on the day of the competition. Competition entry forms should be printed in the the first two Society Journals of each year and will be available on the N Gauge Society website ( and all models must be entered on these forms, one model per form. For multiple entries these forms may be photocopied.

3.    All models entered into the competition must be received by 11.00am on the day of the competition, except in the case of entries for Group L, when the closing date will be 3 calendar months prior to the date of the competition. Judging will take place commencing from 11.00am on the date of the competition. Any member who is unable to attend the event, or arrive before the closing time of 11.00am for all entries, may submit entries by post (see Rule 12).

4.    A member may submit as many entries into each class as they wish and may enter as many classes as they wish. It is intended that entries should be restricted to a single vehicle, building or lineside accessory, unless the class entered states otherwise. However, more than one vehicle will be accepted as a single entry in Groups D and E where those vehicles can be seen to make up a short ‘rake’ of associated vehicles, at the discretion of the Competition Coordinator and the Judges. Each model may only be entered into one class.

5.    Entries submitted in previous years are eligible provided they were not awarded a cup/trophy or winner’s certificate in any previous Society competition.

6a.   The competition is only open to a person who is a member of the N Gauge Society. Additionally, no professional model maker (including any member who trades or makes money from their model making activities) is permitted to enter, nor is any member of the panel of judges or of the judges’ immediate family.

6b.    Members entering models made using commercial 3d printing, resin casting, etching or laser cutting service providers (e.g. Shapeways, PEC, York Model Making, 4D Model Shop etc), should make it clear in the model description if the model has been produced from the member’s own CAD drawings or purchased from another modeller’s work. Members who make their models available to other modellers via these service providers are allowed, at the discretion of the Competition Coordinator and the Judges, to enter such models as long as they are sold as a scratch building aid rather than a kit.

7.    A member may win in one or more classes.

8.    All classes, except Groups ‘K’ and ‘L’, will be judged by the panel of Judges. Their decision shall be final and not open to subsequent discussion or correspondence.

9.    In each class, a cup, shield, or trophy and a certificate will be awarded to the winner, irrespective of the number of entries, provided that the models entered meet the criteria of that class. The judges will also award either a Gold, Silver, Bronze, Very Highly Commended, Highly Commended, Commended or Merit certificate to the other entries in each class.

10.    Unless otherwise specified the cups and trophies remain the property of the N Gauge Society and must be signed for from the General Secretary or his representative.

11.    The panel of Judges will normally consist of three or five people and should include as many as possible of the following; the President or one of the Vice Presidents, two members of the Management Committee, a representative of the model trade, a professional model maker and a professional model photographer. In addition, certain well respected modellers within the Society may be considered, drawn from a list agreed by the Committee. The Chairman of the panel will be the President or if not available Vice President or Management Committee member.

12.    Entries will be insured against loss or damage for the period that they are at the competition stand provided that, in the case of models valued in excess of £200, the General Secretary has been advised of the value in writing, two weeks prior to the date of the competition. Insurance in transit is not offered. A member may submit entries by post, entirely at their own risk. Proof of posting will not be accepted as proof of receipt. Sufficient stamps to cover the return postage must be included.

13a.    A member who has previously been awarded a cup or trophy in any class (except classes J, K, L and P) of a Society Annual Model Making Competition, will be disqualified from entering models in that class for the next two competitions.

13b.    Such a member will however, be permitted to enter one (1) model in Group ‘M’. Award of a cup or trophy in Group ‘M’ will not preclude that member from entering that group again in future years, with a different model.

14a.    Each entry must be the work of only one member unless the model is entered into classes I, J, M, O P or Q in which case joint, group or family entries will be allowed, provided that all modellers are members of the society.

14b.    Persons with Group or Club membership may enter any class as an individual provided that the model is entirely their own work. The name of the person who has built the model should be clearly stated on the entry form. Entries that are the result of a group effort must be entered in classes I, J, M, O, P or Q.

15. If a mains electrical supply is required by an entrant this will be permitted providing a source is available at the venue of the Annual Model Making Competition. A condition of the supply is that an RCB/RCD must be supplied by the entrant together with an extension lead of not less than five meters. There can be no guarantee that power will be available at the chosen venue. Mains electical equipment may be subject to testing prior to use at the competition venue. Requirements for a mains electrical supply should be included with the model entry form, giving as much notice as possible before the AGM/AMMC.

16. Entries into the small layout category, Classes I (and Class M if applicable) can be offered to the group organising the AGM for inclusion in an exhibition accompanying the AGM. Members should indicate an interest in formally exhibiting their entries on the registration form. No guarantee is given that the layout will be included in the AGM exhibition.

17. All entries should be modelled in a recognised, commercially available N Gauge scale.

18. By entering a model into the competition, the member agrees to abide by the rules for the competition, as published and amended by the committee of the Society.

19. Photographs of all entries will be taken for publication in the N Gauge Society Journal and website. Entrant not wanting their work or name used in this way should inform the Competition Coordinator when registering their entry/entries.

(Last updated December 2016)