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Worldwide Group information

Links to useful information for those modelling N Gauge in countries other than the UK.

The N Gauge Society and Worldwide Group can take no responsibility for the content of external links.

Railfan EuropeThis site is in English and quite comprehensive giving details of Railway pictures, Stock lists, Liveries and much more.
1ZU160Also available as .net and .info.
Neues tab gives regular updates on all new N scale in Europe. Very comprehensive despite being in German.
Friends of N ScaleAnother regularly updated German N-gauge site.
A section called N-Autos give a very comprehensive list of road vehicles.
The Swiss Railway MuseumThe English pages of the Swiss Railway museum website.
The International N Gauge NetworkThe multi-linguistic website of I-N-G-A-Net.
N Club InternationalThe german language website of N Club International.
The Austrian Railway GroupEnglish website of The Austrian Railways Group.
The German Railway SocietyEnglish website of The German Railway Society.
The Italian Railways SocietyEnglish website of The Italian Railways Society.
N Club FinlandThe website of N Club Finland - only in Finnish language.
National Model Railroad AssociationThe British Region website which promotes the modelling of North American Railways in UK.
Scandinavian Railways SocietyEnglish website to promote railways of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden plus Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Isles.
French Railways SocietyEnglish website to promote the railways of France.
Swiss Railways SocietyEnglish group promoting all forms of railway and cableway in Switzerland.
Euromodell F.P.A small scale bespoke manufacturer of Loco's and trains.
Finescale MuenchenA small scale manufacturer producing unique and bespoke items based on standard models.
Linea ModelAn Italian company producing brass models. Multi-lingual sites.
Permanent Model Railway ExhibitionsA listing of 77 permanent model railways based over 17 European countries. Website in English.
SB ModellbauA company providing replacement motors for locomotives. Website available in English.