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Cowans Sheldon 6.5/10 ton Hand Crane – will you be interested in having one?

    Our next r-t-r offering after the Ferryvan, the Cowans Sheldon hand crane (see journal 3/22), is tentatively anticipated to be released in 2023 and, barring any unforeseen occurrences, it is similarly anticipated that the price will be £51 per model, including VAT.

    To assist the Society in covering interim payments required by  the manufacturer in respect of setting-up and development costs, members are invited to indicate their choice of livery or liveries and to make a contribution towards the required payments in the sum of £15 per livery indicated.  On receipt of the models the Society will reserve the liveried models indicated and offer them for sale to the contributing members at a reduced price, which will equate to the general selling price per model, less £20 (i.e. less the £15 contribution plus an additional £5 discount). P&p will apply at the rate appropriate to the gross selling price at the time (i.e. before any deduction or discount).

    Members are invited to use the facility on the Society Shop/Membership website at, to indicate their choice(s) and to make the appropriate contributions(s).