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BR Bobol/Turbot

  • Kit No. 46: Bobol E/YCV Turbot
  • NGSK0460
  • era 5-7 Bobol
  • era 7-9 Turbot
  • decals included but also available separately- NGST0460
  • difficulty intermediate




In 1961 BR built the short Bogie Bolster E fleet to diagram 1/479 as replacements for the TWIN CASE (linked bolster wagons) and HYTWIN (modified wooden 13T wagons). It has been suggested that they struggled to find full employment from the beginning, with conversions starting almost immediately. They were used extensively on trains from South Wales to carry steel billets, which were shorter than the normal steel and rod traffic, and thus they were ideal for this traffic. During the late 1970s, the steel traffic for which the Bogie Bolster E was built was in decline, so in the early 1980s, BR embarked on a programme of converting them to 34T ballast/spoil wagons with the ‘fish kind’ name ‘Turbot’, TOPS code YCV, with over one thousand being so treated. This is an ‘either/or’ plastic kit which builds into either wagon using the same floor moulding and Society Gloucester bogies.

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