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KSA NACCO Timber Wagon

  • Kit54b: KSA NACCO Timber Wagon
  • NGSK0541
  • era 9
  • decals=included




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In 2011, a batch of KSAs was acquired by wagon leasing firm Nacco and converted for use as timber carriers; this involved replacing the sliding hoods with heavy-duty stanchions. The wagons have been repainted and are now in service with Colas on timber traffic from Cornwall, South Wales and the North to a paper and board factory at Chirk. This kit also includes a set of injection moulded stanchions.

Decals are included with kit 54b (NACCO Timber Wagon NGSK0541) but are also available here in case of need.  The sheet carries enough decals for one wagon.

Please note: it has been pointed out that the Timber Carriers transfers sheet has an error in the running numbers – an extra 8 has been inserted: the numbers printed start 33 70 478390… but ought to be 33 70 47390…  The artwork has been revised and will be printed with the correction. When available one of the new sheets will correct up to 10 kits.