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BR ‘Anhydrite’ Hopper

  • Kit 20: BR ‘Anhydrite’ Hopper
  • NGSK0200
  • Detailing etch NGST0201
  • era 4-7
  • decals NGST0200
  • difficulty advanced


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In 1954 BR built 150 of these 25-ton anhydrite hoppers to diagram D1/179 for traffic from the Long Meg quarry on the Settle and Carlisle line. The detailing etch has handrails, footsteps, hopper release handles, and the sheet support frame that was fitted in 1965. They lasted until the early 80s. The basic kit is simple to make, fitting on the supplied Peco 10 ft chassis, but the handrails require holes to be drilled using a jig before gluing them on.

Each decals sheet contains enough markings for 5 wagons, either pre-TOPS or TOPS.