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Stove R Brake Van

  • NGSR0341 LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ BR Maroon
  • NGSR0342 LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ BR Crimson and Cream
  • NGSR0347 LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ Pullman livery
  • NGSR0345 LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ BR Crimson
  • NGSR0343 LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ BR Blue

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The LMS Stove R saw service with the LMS, British Railways and BR. Built-in the 1930s the Stove R was a 6 wheeled gangwayed guard’s brake van. They were used on parcel, newspaper and milk trains. Many survived into the 1970s in departmental use.

LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ BR Maroon NGSR0341
BR Maroon new running number(Era 5).

LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ BR Crimson and Cream NGSR 0342
BR Crimson & Cream. Great as luggage van on a C&C express rake- new running number(Era 4).

LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ Pullman livery NGSR0347
Pullman livery as preserved. Great as luggage van on a Pullman express rake (Era 4 & 5)

LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ BR Crimson NGSR0345
BR NPCS Crimson. Great for parcels, newspaper, and milk trains- new running number. (Era 4)

LMS/BR Stove ‘R’ BR Blue NGSR0343
BR Corporate Blue for use on parcels, newspaper & departmental trains- new running number. (Eras 6,7,8)