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  • Kit 47: BR (ex LMS/LNER) Highfits
  • NGSK0470
  • era 4-7
  • decals=NGST0470
  • difficulty beginner




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This kit will make two wagons – a BR (ex-LMS) Highfit open wagon with planked sides and corrugated ends and a BR (ex-LNER) all steel Highfit.  The basic 5 plank open goods wagon was built in large numbers by all railway companies prior to the 1923 grouping, by the big four themselves after this date, and it continued with British Railways after nationalisation.

The wooden ends were susceptible to damage from heavy loads moving during shunting so in 1946 the LMS changed to wood lined corrugated steel ends which they had tried on a few experimental wagons in 1933. The LNER’s answer in 1945 was an all steel body (albeit still with a wooden floor). Both designs were initially manufactured without vacuum brakes, but as British Railways continued making them to more or less the same design, they started to introduce vacuum brakes, and retrospectively started fitting them to the early builds. Some of the robust LNER wagons even survived long enough to be converted to air brakes.

The decal sheet includes transfers for pre-nationalisation, British Railways, BR (TOPS) and the final use of these wagons in engineering service. Both kits are a reissue from the former Parkwood Models range that was acquired by the Society.

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