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BR Palvan/Medfit

  • Kit 63: BR Palvan/Medfit
  • NGSK0630
  • era 5-7
  • decals=NGST0630



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Ex Parkwood Models kit.  A twin pack of a Palvan and a medium steel open wagon. The BR Palvans were an innovative and unusual design for carrying pallets of goods loaded by forklift trucks, and had especially wide doors to allow access. Nearly 2,400 were built 1954-57, but as the chassis wore they became unstable at speed, and from 1962 were largely replaced by the Vanwide design (kit 61). BR built about 4000 all steel medium height fitted open wagons 1952-5 with drop sides, but the traffic they were intended for soon disappeared. They were however ideal wagons for the engineer’s department, and most had been transferred by 1970.

The decal sheet includes markings for 3+ of each in the original livery. The Medfits spent most of their long lives as ballast wagons, so a wide selection of engineers’ department markings is included. Nearly all the Palvans were withdrawn early from revenue use because of lack of stability at speed, so plenty of markings for them in internal use as stores vans are included.

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