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GWR/BR ‘Loriot’ 4-wheel Wagon

  • Kit 6: GWR/BR ‘Loriot’ 4-wheel Wagon
  • NGSK0060
  • era 2-5
  • decals=NGST0060
  • difficulty intermediate


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The GWR (and later BR) built many wagons similar to this for carrying machinery, BR coded them LOMAC (Low Machinery). It is simple to assemble, and an ideal wagon to carry interesting loads. There were dozens of slightly different designs, the 510 built by BR were to 14 different diagrams, and the prototype of this kit was literally unique – only one was made!

The sheet has decals for the Loriot K for GWR and BR markings (top left). Because only 1 of these wagons was ever built, the sheet also includes marking for the similar (but slightly longer) Loriot B (lower left) and Loriot D (right), with GWR, BR, and departmental markings. Note the decals with a black background may need trimming slightly if put on the outer left (remove top right corner). Pictures of them in GWR liveries can be found in “GWR Goods Wagons” and BR departmental ones on Paul Bartlett’s website.

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