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LNER/BR 8-plank Mineral Wagon

  • Kit 14: LNER/BR 8-plank Mineral Wagon
  • NGSK0140
  • era 3-5
  • decals=NGST0140
  • difficulty beginner


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This is the LNER version of the standard RCH design 8-plank mineral wagon with a steel chassis. The SR in 1945 built 100 of these wagons for itself and 1850 for the LNER. The LNER built more in 1946, and before the war had built similar wagons on wooden underframes; there were private owner wagons to this design as well. Simple to assemble the kit builds into a fine model.

Decal sheet includes markings for:

  • Three LNER wagons in both original wartime and later BR markings;
  • One of the similar wagons built for the SR which had bottom doors (V marking on side door);
  • Two numbers for ex-PO wagons under BR.

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