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Polybulk Grainflow Hopper

  • Kit 9a: Polybulk Grainflow Hopper
  • NGSK0090
  • era 8-9
  • decals=included
  • difficulty advanced



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These 30 hoppers were built for TSL in 1981 to a French design for transporting bulk grain. Plastic mouldings are provided for the main body parts and Society one-piece bogies are included. Very fine brass etchings are also provided for delicate items like handrails etc. The full-colour bodyside overlays have the Polybulk logo and all other letterings, so painting is limited to the basic body colour and touching in buffer heads etc. The logo is the version used from 1988. It should be stressed that this is a complex kit, and should not be tried as a first experience of wagon building.

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