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BR Hopper Wagon HJO/HJV

  • Kit 1 BR Hopper Wagon HJO/HJV
  • NGSK0010
  • era 4-7
  • decals=NGST0010
  • difficulty beginner



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In 1955-9 BR built over 2000 25.5 ton iron ore hoppers to D1/163, D1/165 (vacuum fitted and only rated 24T), and D1/166. Later some were used for coal, sand, and limestone, or converted to carry salt. It is a very simple kit to make, fitting on the supplied Peco 10 ft chassis, though it is not to the same standard as some of the later kits.

The decals sheet contains markings in different styles, spanning the wagon’s service life. The sheet has numbers for two wagons for each era. However, if you want to add a specific branding (“Iron Ore”, “Limestone” or “Sand”) there is only one set per sheet so you will need a sheet for each wagon.