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GWR / BR Mica Van

  • Kit 10: GWR/BR Mica Meat Van
  • NGSK0100
  • era 2-4
  • decals=NGST0100
  • difficulty intermediate



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The GWR built 120 Mica ventilated vans for meat 1887-1904, and 650 of the insulated version Mica B 1887-1926 with an ice hatch on the roof and rails. In 1938 at least 35 were converted to Tevans (no hatch or rails). Examples of all types survived to pass to British Railways. The kit makes one of any of these vans. Assembly is straightforward, although the Peco 10ft steel chassis supplied requires slight modification and the Mica B version has complex handrails giving access to the roof hatches at both ends, but notes and drawings are provided on how they must be shaped and fitted.

The decals cover the:

  • MICA meat van (ventilated, not insulated, grey or bauxite body, white lettering);
  • MICA B meat van (ventilated and insulated, white body, red or black lettering);
  • the conversions to TEVANS to carry tea and chocolate (handrails and roof hatch removed, white body, red lettering, branding for Fry’s is included).

The sheet covers liveries for grouping and BR eras and includes a number of GWR “Not Common User” plates which may be useful for other stock.

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