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BR ‘Salmon’ Engineers Wagon pre 1998

  • Kit 27a: BR ‘Salmon’ Engineers Wagon
  • NGSK0270
  • era 4-9
  • decals included
  • difficulty beginner



Based on an earlier LMS design, the first BR Salmon track carrying wagons emerged from Derby works in 1949 and over the next 11 years, hundreds were built to a variety of very similar drawings. The wagons are 62’ long, and as well as carrying loads of sleepers or lengths of rail, are designed to carry track panels in completed 60’ lengths. There are detailed rules governing the loading of Salmons. For track panels, when wooden sleepers are used, up to six can be loaded per wagon, while for concrete sleepers the maximum is five. Rail should be loaded on bolstered wagons and up to 27 lengths can be carried, loaded in pyramid fashion (ie 10, 9, 8). Although originally unfitted (YMO) or fitted with a through vacuum pipe (YMP), in later years the wagons were fitted with air brakes (YMA/YMB). Some were also fitted with cranes and, in some instances, roofs (YFA/YWA). This kit includes a plastic body, etched brass details, one-piece plastic 8’ Plateback bogies, and transfers. Also available is a crane detailing kit containing a pair of cast resin cranes along with other details.

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