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LMS/BR 12t Box Vans

  • Kit 18: LMS/BR 12t Box Vans
  • NGSK0180
  • era 3-6
  • decals=NGST0180
  • difficulty intermediate



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This kit builds 2 LMS vans, one 9ft wheelbase and one 10ft wheelbase. The 9ft version has alternative ends for either a D1676 ventilated van (2956 built 1924-6) or a D1664 unventilated van (2544 built 1924-6). The 10 ft version builds the very common D1887 van, 7,500 built 1935-6. Both types remained in service into the 1960s, though the 10 foot vans lasted longer, many of the unfitted ones being fitted by BR. Assembly is straightforward, with only minor modification required to each chassis type before fitting to the respective body.

Each decals sheet contains enough markings for at least three twin-pack kits for each era (grouping, early BR, late BR, Departmental use). However, please note the following corrections:

  • The set of decals labelled D1663 are in fact for D1664, and all ought to be 6 digit numbers but some erroneously only have 5.
  • The sheet does not contain decals for the D1676 variant, use the numbers for D1664 which are similar.
  • D1832A is a variant that can be built from the kit but is not mentioned in the instructions: 9ft chassis, planked sides, and corrugated ends with vents. Most of them were unfitted.

D2039 were identical to D1897 but built later, during the war.

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