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Two Hunslet liveries still to come……update 21/9/23

    Posted 29/5/23: The NGS is very conscious that some members still have not received their Hunslet models and work is ongoing to rectify this. The issue is that insufficient functional PCBs were supplied, and the PCB supplier is no longer working. The NGS is pursuing multiple options.  These include exploring whether the failed PCBs can be repaired and, if that is not feasible, sourcing replacements from an alternate supplier. The NGS would like to apologise again to those members still waiting and thank them for their ongoing patience and understanding.

    Update 21/9/23:

    The latest is that Ben Ando (Vice-president) has a visit to China that is imminent. He will take with him, from the Shop, a number of Hunslets selected from the slower-moving liveries. The Factory will then re-body these in either Port Authority or Undecorated versions and arrange for them to be shipped back to us in due course.

    Please note that there will only be enough of these to satisfy the pre-orders, so it’s unlikely any will subsequently go on general sale to members.

    We don’t yet have a timeframe on this, but will pass on further information when we have it.