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Hunslets – latest news on 3rd tranche

    The factory has reported that, although progress has been made with the balance of our Hunslets, it is still waiting for a quantity of replacement PCBs to be delivered to enable it to fully complete the order.  The Society has therefore taken the decision to ask that the portion of tranche 3 which is available, should be shipped without further delay, so that we can proceed with fulfilment of pre-orders and then make more liveries available for general sale.  Liveries included in this shipment will be Esso red, BP white, BP green and CEGB orange, but we will have to wait a little longer for the Undecorated models, as well as for practically all of our order for Port Authority blue/yellow liveried locos.

    Based on experience with previous tranches, we expect that arranging and effecting shipment to the UK, and then customs procedures on arrival, is likely to take two or three weeks at least.  Once the Shop Manager is in a position to pass stock on to the volunteers involved with the distribution of pre-orders, requests for balance payments will be sent to those members for whom pre-orders, or parts thereof, have not already been received in earlier tranches.

    18th May 2022