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PTA/JTA/JUA Iron Ore Tippler

  • Kit 72: PTA/JTA/JUA Bogie Iron Ore Tippler
  • NGSK0720
  • era 7-9
  • decals NGST0720 to NGST0725



Ex TPM kit.  This kit is made available in packs of five. These wagons were built 1972-7 for carrying iron ore to British Steel plants and ran in long fixed rakes. When steel plants closed they were sold off and mainly used for carrying aggregates, still in long rakes, in use into the 2010s.

Six different decals sheets are available covering the different liveries these wagons carried. These are:

  • NGST0720 British Steel, original livery;
  • NGST0721 British Steel South Wales, blue with arrow logo
  • NGST0722 Procor/CAIB ARC livery
  • NGST0723 Procor Yeoman livery
  • NGST0724 CAIB Yeoman livery
  • NGST0725 VTG