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BR Standard Horsebox

  • Kit 24: BR Standard Horsebox
  • NGSK0240
  • era 4-5
  • decals NGST 0240
  • difficulty intermediate
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Following the 1948 nationalisation, the fledgling British Railways inherited large numbers of horseboxes of various designs, many dating from the pre-grouping period. To replace them, at first, BR built horseboxes to existing LMS or LNER drawings, but by the mid-1950s the decision was taken to produce a totally new vehicle, based on Mk.1 carriages then on the drawing board. In all, 115 BR Mk.1 Standard Horseboxes were built in 1957 and 1958. No model of this type of vehicle having ever been available in N Gauge, the Society decided to produce this model as a memorial to the late Andrew Calvert, our former Wagon Projects Officer, who passed away in November 2002. Because of the number of parts in this kit it should be considered a model for those with some previous experience in building model wagon kits.
The decals contain markings for all four regions.

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