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Gresley Full Brake

  • Kit 30: Gresley D113 Full Brake
  • NGSK0300
  • era 4-7
  • decals included but also available separately NGST0300
  • difficulty intermediate


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The Gresley full brakes were introduced in 1924; some survived in revenue use well into the 1970s, a few even longer in internal use, and a number have been preserved. These vehicles were seen all over the country, especially in BR days, and a number were built or converted for racing pigeon traffic. The chosen model represents later coaches with angle iron trussing and 8ft heavyweight Gresley bogies. The diagrams represented are D113 (last 3 only, built 1934), D245 (with racks for pigeons, built 1940/43), and D260 (same as last 3 of D113, built 1938/40/43).

The decals for the Gresley Full Brake and cover 3 different liveries with decals for 3 coaches in each: LNER teak (shaded gold), BR crimson or maroon (yellow),  BR blue (white). Note that a sheet of these decals is included with each coach kit.

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