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GWR/BR Iron Mink/Gunpowder Van

  • Kit 13: GWR/BR Iron Mink/Gunpowder Van
  • NGSK0130
  • era 2-6
  • decals=NGST0130
  • difficulty intermediate



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This kit represents the Great Western ‘Iron Mink’ iron bodied general merchandise van, 4900 were built 1886-1901. They were particularly useful for transporting foodstuffs like flour, as the metal body gave protection from rodents. During  WW1 some were converted to carry explosives, later converted back, and in 1937 60 were converted back again to gunpowder vans. Some of these were loaned to the SR and labelled ‘Improvised Gunpowder Vans’. Many of the normal vans were scrapped before WW2, but some were used for salvage collection branded ‘Salvage  – Save for Victory’. Produced in plastic this is a very simple kit to build, though very minor modification is required to some of the chassis parts. The converted gunpowder vans differ from the purpose built GWR gunpowder vans (available RTR) in having rounded corners.

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