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RMC JGA Bogie Hopper

  • Kit 28: RMC JGA Bogie Hopper
  • NGSK0280
  • era 8-9
  • decals included but available separately NGST0280
  • difficulty advanced


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13 wagons were built in 1984 to code JG009A for Hall Aggregates, and were used to carry sea-dredged gravel from Newhaven to Crawley and Tolworth. In 1986 a further 24 wagons were built to code JG009B for RMC, which operated on flows nationwide from their base at Peak Forest. In 1996, when the Newhaven traffic ended, the former Hall wagons were brought into the RMC pool at Peak Forest and were modified, refurbished and repainted. Now all 37 wagons are used with other RMC hoppers across the network. This injection moulded kit, with etched brass details and one piece bogies, will build any of the three variants, suitable transfers for each being included. The model is self coloured in orange, and the white stripe is a transfer or can be painted. Otherwise only the brass details, the solebar and the interior require painting.

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