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31-Mar-2021: Mine’s a lamb sandwich.

March, it is said, comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb (old British weather-lore). Well my March came in and out like a lion with a bit of lamb in the middle. It started with the usual volume of orders experienced since last March and then suddenly went quiet. I ACTUALLY HAD TIME TO DO SOME MODELLING! Then just I was getting used to the slower pace of life, wham, back came the orders in droves in the last week of the month. Let us hope April brings showers of Hunslets!

I am intending to take a big batch of orders to the post office tomorrow. For those waiting, be aware the Easter weekend is upon us and will add a couple of days further delays.

30-Mar-2021: Spam, glorious Spam!

No, not the return of Monty Python (regrettably) but rather those pesky unwanted emails that the Shop email account gets a lot of, but nearly all are filtered away into a Spam folder. Unfortunately for no apparent reason, a number of perfectly valid emails have been filtered away as Spam recently rather than go into my inbox. I have just had a clear out, responded to the valid emails and ‘white-listed’ them so they will not get blocked in future. So apologies to anyone for a delayed response and I will keep a more frequent check on the spam folder going forward to catch any strays in good time.

27-Mar-2021: Notice for kit 58 War-flat owners

Members who have previously bought kit 58 (NGSK0580) Modern Warflat may have notice that for some builds, the supplied transfer sheet is short of a couple of decals. The current transfers sheets only have four decals with the lettering ‘Handbrake Release Both Ends’ – two in yellow, two in white.

However there should be four of each colour. We have therefore produced a correction sheet with just the missing two yellow and two white ‘Handbrake Release Both Ends’ decals on it – its about the size of half a postage stamp. Any members who have previously purchased kit 58 and require the additional decals, please contact the NGS Shop Manager at

21-Mar-2021: Beginner’s luck.

Members may know that in order to entice the wary into the techniques of kit building, we offer Kit 29 Private Owners wagon as a safe and easy step into the dark art. The kit comes with a complete body-shell and a chassis kit that needs just a little black paint and a private owner’s decal to go on each side. We offer the kit with a range of decals of traders from across the UK. A few of these decals are now starting to sell out so we have extended the range with four new variants. These are:

The full range of Private Owner wagon kit 29s can be seen at Kit 29 7-plank Private Owner various liveries ( for the knock-down price of £5 each.

16-Mar-2021: Limpets stick on minerals?

Possibly… but meanwhile we have some stick-ons back in stock. Decals for kit 68Tiger/Limpet available at NGST0630 Decals for kit 63 NGSK0630 ( @£1.50 and for kit 14 LNER/BR 8-plank Mineral Wagon available at NGST0140 Decals for kit 14 NGSK0140 ( @£1.00.

10-Mar-2021: Seacows quick, or no-see-cows

A small quantity of NGSK0110 Kit 11 BR Seacow Bogie Ballast Hopper wagon kits swam in today. The quantity is limited by the number of wheel sets that Kit Production could gather together to get these hot items out. Experiences shows that these will only be around for a day or two – if not hour or two – so if you want some, get the trawler out: Kit 11 BR Seacow Bogie Ballast Hopper NGSK0110 ( @ £16.65

Note that in some of this batch of kits, the etch is malformed, in which case two etches have been included to ensure you receive all the parts.

08-Mar-2021: Arrived and arriving.

 Four boxes recently arrived (with a few gems, see NGS Shop – Stock arrivals | The N Gauge Society) including a restock of

Also news that a delivery of 3-hole disk wheels is expected shortly which means that kit production can resume on some of the bogied kits.

01-Mar-2021: March – of the Open wagons

New month, new batch of open wagons kits. A replenishment of:

01-Mar-2021: February – Short on days, long on hours

The shortest month of the year is usually one of the quietest ones for the NGS Shop. Not this year! A total of 191 orders received in the month, a whopping 133% increase on last February’s count of 82. It was the busiest month in my tenure since the spring of 2018 when the carf-flats first went on sale.

01-Mar-2021: February – Short on wheels, long on reamers

As reported below (17th Feb) we are now starting to see real impact on NGS kit stocks by the industry-wide shortage of scale wheels. This affects nearly every wagon kit except those using Peco chassis kits. Although Kit Production is preparing packs of kits for the shop, these cannot ship until new supplies of wheels arrive. Please bear with us until new supplies can be obtained. The increase in orders mentioned above was driven in part by the sale of the new NGS Bearing Reamers – released on 4th Feb.  Since then about 100 packs have been sold – well above my expectation. There are plenty left yet though at £8.00 per pair (NGSB0400) at NGS Axle Box Reamers NGSB0400 (

27-Feb-2021: Coming down the line.

News from our valiant kit packer is that a batch consisting of Kit 23 and Kit 29 Private Owner wagons and Kit 14 LNER /BR 8 Plank Mineral wagon kits – all currently out of stock – are on the way to the shop. Should be available by middle of next week.

Top-up of kit 62 BR A & BD Type Containers and kit 70 BR Standard Vans will follow. Parts are being amassed for a new batch of Kit 11 Seacow kits, but this is being hampered by the shortage of wheels as reported earlier.

24-Feb-2021: More new transfers than the premier league

A load of transfer sheets arrived today, the majority of them the first release of new decals for NGS kits:

•             NGST0120 Decals for NGSK0120 Kit 12a Bogie Bolster @ £1.50

•             NEW – NGST0240 NGSK0240 Kit 24 BR Standard Horsebox @ 75p

•             NEW – NGST0310 Decals for NGSK0310 Kit 31 BR Weltrol @ 50p

•             NEW – NGST0670 Decals for NGSK0670 Kit 67 LNER Vans @ £1.00

•             NEW – NGST0700 Decals for NGSK0700 Kit 70 BR Standard Van @ £1.50

•             NEW – NGST0740 Decals for NGSK0740 Kit 74 China Clay Wagons @ £1.50

•             NEW – NGST0770 Decals for NGSK0771/2/3 Kit 77a/b/c. LNER-BR Boplate versions @ £1.75

Get stuck in and stick on!

24-Feb-2021: Parrot food back on sale

For those of you wanting Polybulk Grainflow hoppers (NGSK0090 Kit 9a), these are now back in shop and on sale at £13.75. Also a small batch of etches: NGSK0151 Kit 15 extra – Frames for Trestrol Wagon

17-feb-2021: No wheels on my wagon

News from the NGS Kit Production Officer is that there is a general shortage of scale wheel/axles at the moment. This is delaying the re-stocking of some NGS kits and the replenishment of the NGSB0300 4 axle 6.2mm wheel sets

17-feb-2021: The train arrived…

Is a consignment of 18x NGSK0280 Kit 28 RMC JGA Hopper wagon kits.

These tend to be eagerly snapped up, so hop on board quickly before they depart.

15-Feb-2021: The train departing…

Was the up mail special – The local post office is back in operation and a back-log of 42 orders have been dispatched today.

13-Feb-2021: The next train arriving…

Will contain a consignment of the popular NGSK0280 Kit 28 RMC JGA Hopper wagon kits. All being well these should be in the NGS Shop by the end of next week. The following train will consist of NGSK0090 Kit 9a. BR Polybulk Grainflow Hoppers. My Works Dispatcher also informs me that a trainload of the eagerly awaited NGSK0110 Kit 11 Seacow are being marshalled, pending arrival of some vital components. A few things to look forward to there!

12-Feb-2021: Snow goes slow, but no go at P.O.

(must get my application in to “The Sun” as a head-line writer)

We made a slow and difficult walk to the Post Office this morning with 26 orders, but on arrival found the shop was closed – no reason why. Some of the ‘thin’ parcels (eg Reamers, Decals) were already stamped as large letter so these went in the pillar-box. The remaining 16 larger ones came home with us. Will attempt again on Monday 15th Feb.

09-Feb-2021: Snowed on, snowed in, it’s no go.

Due to an excess of white-stuff falling out the sky overnight I am currently unable to dispatch orders currently. Fortunately, I posted 43 orders yesterday, so if you have one pending please check the Status of recent shop orders | The N Gauge Society page on the website. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

04-Feb-2021: Fancy a boring time?

Then get your wagons rolling with the brand new NGS Bearer Reamers now available for sale at the NGS Shop (NGS Axle Box Reamers NGSB0400 ( Available as a pair with full instructions for £8. See the article on page 62 of NGS Journal 1/21 for more details.

30-Jan-2021: MOGOs are go-go.

Arrived today a batch of NGSK0260 kit 26 GWR Planked, Plywood & MOGO Vans – twin pack, back in stock at £9.15, with more to follow soon.

Also coming down the track are kit 65 SR 8 Plank Open Wagon (NGSK0650) and kit 61 BR ‘Vanwide’ Van (NGSK0610).

25-Jan-2021: Bear with us.

I have had a number of requests for Bearing Reamers following an article published in the 1/21 NGS Journal. Due to an accident of timing these are not available in the NGS shop currently and I have no information about when they will arrive, or even if they have been produced yet. I will make an announcement here as soon as they arrive.

23-Jan-2021: If lock-down is getting to be a bind…

… then get you self together with a NGS Journal binder. Newly arrived in stock a batch of NGS branded Journal folder NGSM0175. Finished in dark red with gold NGS logo on the spine and self-adhesive date labels. Each folder has capacity for twelve issues – two years’ worth. Now back on sale at £6.40.

21-Jan-2021: Going down the drain…

… but at least you can put a lid on-it!

A new stock of NGSM0404 – Drain/manhole cover etches type 2 arrived today. There is only one etch per pack this time, so we have halved the price to 50p a pack.

21-Jan-2021: Snow go to the P.O.

Delivered overnight was a re-stock of winter weather (again). I will be unable to get to the Post Office as intended tomorrow (Fri 22nd Jan) and so order dispatch will be held over until Monday 25th.

14-Jan-2021: NGS Shop – Recycling of Packaging materials

I lately received an email from a member in Leeds who, having recently received and order from the NGS Shop, requested if we had considered moving to padded envelopes that were more easily recycled. This is the first time I have been queried on this subject, so I thought I would explain to a wider audience what has been happening on the packaging front. Please follow this link to see this explanation: NGS Shop – Recycling of Packaging materials

Plastic is an unavoidable material in our hobby and will remain so until someone discovers a way of making high-definition models out of wax, turnips, or some other natural material. However the packaging used to dispatch members’ orders should be recyclable or have opportunities for second use.

N gauge kits are particularly delicate objects and need the appropriate packaging to protect them in transit. Traditionally (before my tenure as Shop Manager) this has been air-padded envelopes such as the ‘Jiffy’ brand. These tended to be a compound paper and air-filled plastic construction that, as being of mixed materials, could not to be recycled.

However over the last 12-18 months I have been introducing three methods to allow recycling of packaging materials. The first is to purchase padded envelopes that are easy to separate the paper and plastic elements for recycling. This tends to be the smaller envelopes up to A4 in size. The separation method is shown in schematic form on the outside of the envelopes, and members are encouraged to follow these where their local recycling rules permit.

The second method is for larger envelopes which have a shredded paper padding rather than air-filled plastic. These can go into paper recycling in one piece. However, this type of bag is stiffer than the air-bubble sort which possibly may transmit rough handling to the contents and so increase damage. They are also more expensive and heavier which could also lead to higher postage costs and, somewhat counter-intuitively, lead to increased environmental pollution as heavier things need more fuel to carry them.

Thirdly I am making more use of “Pricing-In-Proportion” (PiP) boxes, although this was originally driven more for COVID-19 protection. These are A4 or A5 sized flat cardboard boxes that fit through a letter box and so do not passing across the door-step. They are made from corrugated cardboard that is readily recycled or, if handled with care, can be reused for storage or re-posting.

Not all of my packaging has been replaced as yet – I tend to order in bulk between 100 and 500 envelopes at a time and so some legacy packaging may still be in use for some time.

Next time you receive an order from the NGS Shop, resist your temptation to get straight to the contents and think first about what you can do with the packaging.

11-Jan-2021: Buffering up!

For the scratch builders out there – a new stock of NGSB0202 Buffers – Oval (Steam Era) has arrived at the NGS Shop.

08-Jan-2021: Getting fresh, furry and sticky.

Fresh new day, fresh new snow and a fresh (or at least chilly) new postman bring three boxes of supplies. Amongst the contents are a re-stock of NGSK0020 Kit 2 Mink C Box Van (and some more on the way) and some fresh new first-time-out NGS decals to stick on your kits:

  • NGST0200 Decals for kit 20 BR Anhydrite Hopper Wagon
  • NGST0640 Decals for kit 64 BR Sand Tippler/Coil J
  • NGST0750 Decals for kit 75 BR VCA Van
  • NGST0760 Decals for kit 76 BR VDA Van

07-Jan-2021: NGS Shop in weight-loss scheme

We have the kit to help you drop a few stones this new year – yes Kit 35 Auto-ballasters have arrived! The kits come as 5-packs at £105.30 per pack with 3 variants: Kit 35b. JJA Auto-ballaster (NGSK0351) Railtrack (converted from KPA); Kit 35c. HQA Auto-ballaster Railtrack (NGSK0352) and Kit 35d. HQA Auto-ballaster Network Rail (NGSK0353). In this first consignment there are only 3 packs of each, but more will follow on.

05-Jan-2021: Seacow crowned queen of the fish-kind…

… is not a headline you would see anywhere else but here, but it happens to be true. I have been updating the NGS Shop statistics for 2020 and kit 11 Seacows ballast hoppers were the number one best seller (185 packs sold). Second came kit 29 Private owner 7 plank open at 157 packs sold followed by kit 28 RMC JGA Bogie Hopper with 126 packs sold.

A total of 3043 packs of kits sold over 73 ranges of kit which illustrates both the scale of demand from members and the breadth of choice the Society makes available. It is a reflection on the diversity of our hobby that the best seller is an Era 7 to 9 kit whereas the number two is Era 2 to 3.

05-Jan-2021: NGS Shop remains open during lockdown.

Your NGS Shop will continue to operate during the newly announced lock-downs. It may be however that deliveries way be less frequent and take longer as per the first lock-down last March. Check out the progress of your orders at Status of recent shop orders | The N Gauge Society

02-Jan-2021: In the deep mid-winter

Ah, the festive season – all those traditional activities such as eating too much, drinking too much, seeing the relatives, not seeing the relatives, and doing the annual NGS Shop stock-take. The stock-take always brings up a few surprises, such as frostbite, hyperthermia and discovering one or two items thought to have been extinct but found hiding in dark corners. So if you are interested in any of the following, get in quick as when they have gone, they have gone (honest).

  • NGSR0562 Thompson BG Crimson and Cream x2
  • NGSR0557 Collet BG Enparts Olive x2
  • NGSR0458 Inspection Saloon BR Maroon x1
  • NGSR0451 Inspection Saloon LMS Lined Crimson x9
  • NGSR0603 PO 7 Plank wagon: Simmons x3
  • NGSW0010 PO Wagons: 7 Plank Open – “Spencer, Abbot” x1

The stock-take necessarily interrupts order processing, but this has now resumed, and the next batch of orders should be posted out on Monday 4th January all being well. If you are waiting, please click the “Order status” button above for the latest.

Another in-demand item this time of year is the folder for the excellent NGS Journals. These have been on order since November and are expected in stock soon.

There is a small batch of the long-awaited kit 35 Auto-ballasters on the way to the Shop. This is a fore-runner of the main production run due to start soon, so do not worry if you miss out this time.

Also, as a teaser, there is something on the way that may help give a little traction in the snow – too late for me, we have already had 3 inches here. If you still have space on you war-flats – keep tuned in for a new year surprise – if you don’t – buy more war-flats in readiness!

Happy New Year to all.

28-Dec-2020: My favourite things

“Rain-drops on Roses and Whispers of Kits – N”

“Bright paper decals and Buffer in scores – N”

I didn’t catch this year’s Christmas screening of the “Sound of Music”, so maybe the lyrics are not quite right!  Perhaps I should keep my von Trapp shut.

However if your favourite things are NGSK0020 Kit 2 GWR Mink kits then the whispers I have heard is that they will soon be back in stock at the NGS Shop. Also coming are some brand new decals sheets for the recent kits 64 Sand-tippler/Coil-J twin pack and kit 75 BR VCA/ kit 76 BR VDA vans. In addition are a refresh of the buffer packs including the Steam Era Oval type (NGSB0202) currently out of stock.

I expect these to be arriving early in the new year – keep checking back.

21-Dec-2020: Sounding the Last Post.

I have just returned from the post office having dispatched the final batch of orders for this year.

Wow, what a year it has been! What with the difficulties of working around lock-downs/-ups/-ins and the big increase in member orders – especially for kit building items. Since April orders have been up 50% on average compared to last year, with NGS Shop takings up 60% on average.

July had double the amount of trade of last year – looks like kit building took the place of holidays.

A total of 1200 parcels dispatched this year and £4000 spent at the local post office. Just the daunting prospect of the annual stock-take to face and then ready for the longed-for new year.

Thanks are due to Jacqui for helping with the packing and to members Richard Bardsley and Ian Tulloch who have performed sterling work in keeping the Shop supplied with kits and decals during trying circumstances.

Thank you to all those members who kept me busy this year and best wishes for a happy and safe Christmas to all NGS members.

Adrian, NGS Shop Manager

17-Dec-2020: Fancy a Mink Coat for Christmas?

Before your good lady gets too excited, I am referring to a restocking of NGST0020 Decals for kit 2 GWR Mink which have been absent for a while. No animals were hurt during the making of these decals.

12-Dec-2020: For whom the bell tolls

When the (door) bell tolled at 8:03 this morning it wasn’t an Ancient Mariner but a bleary-eyed postman with a couple of boxes. If you are one of the members waiting on Decals for Sharks then it tolled for thee. A re-supply of the in-demand NGST0220 Transfers for kit 22 Shark – with some more coming soon.

There was no albatross in the boxes, but if you are interested in the contents of these deliveries you can see them in the NGS Shop – Stock arrivals | The N Gauge Society page or by click the button above.

11-Dec-2020: Postman’s Knock

Another early delivery today (7:31) with a parcel from Yorkshire five days in transit. It appears from the news that Royal Mail are under stress at the moment with the extraordinarily large volumes of mail they are dealing with. I have had a number of queries from members seeking information about their orders, in one case 3 weeks in the post. I am still shipping out at the usual rate but please allow extra time for delivery before worrying.

Check out the progress of your orders at Status of recent shop orders | The N Gauge Society

Amongst the contents of today’s box a restock of NGSK0760 Kit 76. BR VDA Van (body only). Another four boxes of kits and decals are on the way to the NGS Shop currently.

03-Dec-2020: Snow lie-in today

An early knock-up on a snow covered morning by a postie bringing a box of stock, including a restock of decals NGST0180 for kit 18 LMS/BR 12t Box Vans-twin pack (NGSK0180 ).

22-Nov-2020: News from Kit Production

Now that the majority of kits are back in stock, the following is the latest update from our Kit Production Officer.

  • Decals we have in stock will be bagged up and sent to the Shop. Those out of stock just ordered from Railtec.
  • The Salmon sprues are out of stock, working with the toolmaker to get some more done, but this will likely be next year now.
  • Kit 15 Trestrol – need to get this redrawn and reproduced, so it will take a while.
  • Seacow etches are on order but it is a 6-week turnaround.
  • Kit 26 Mogo – sprues are out of stock, more on order, likely to be at least a month.
  • Kit 35 variants – awaiting the decals, and development of a replacement casting for one of the detail parts on Kit 35a.

17-Nov-2020: Tiers before bed-time

The Scottish Government has announced that West Lothian (where the NGS Shop is located) has moved up from Tier 3 to Tier 4 (the highest) COVID-19 defence tier from 20th Nov. This includes the closure of non-essential retail businesses. I am happy to inform members that this will not impact the service offered by the NGS Shop to its members, as the NGS does not have any retail premises and operates on-line or by mail order.

17-Nov-2020: The Train arriving:

Kit 12b. BR BDV/BDW Bogie Bolster D (Gloucester bogies) (NGSK0121) have now arrived in stock.

13-Nov-2020: To Bolster your spirits

Coming down the line is a restock of NGSK0121 Kit 12b BR BDV/BDW Bogie Bolster D (Gloucester bogies) due to arrive in the Shop next week. Arrived 17-Nov

9-Nov-2020: Sliding into place

Two boxes of NGS Transfers arrived today including re-stocks of

  • NGST00030 Transfers for kit 3 MR Outside Frame van
  • NGST0060 Transfers for kit 6 Loriot
  • NGST0080 Transfers for kit 8 LMS/BR Bogie Bolster D and kit 12d BR BDO Bogie Bolster D
  • NSGT0190 Transfers for kit 19 12T Mineral

For full details click the “Stock Update” button above.

5-Nov-2020: Contain yourselves…

Just received a restock of the NGSK0711 Kit 71b ‘Russell’ Coal Container (only) for modern image modellers.

1-Nov-2020: NGS Shop – Business as (whatever passes for) usual

Members should note that the recent announcement on a second Covid lock-down by the UK Government does not have any effect on the operation of the NGS Shop. The usual (for 2020) service will continue while good health and Scottish Legislation permit.

30-Oct-2020: Time to P. O. again

Just arrived a new stock of the NGSK0290 Kit 29 Private Owner wagon kits. This is the simplest (and cheapest at £5) kit the NGS produces with a range of trader decals available and ideal for the novice kit builder. Alternative BR era decals are also available as NGST0230.

20-Oct-2020: Inbound freight arrived

Five boxes arrived today including new stock of:

  • NGSK0110 Kit 11 BR Seacow Bogie Ballast Hoppers wagon kits.
  • NGSK0460 Kit 46 Bogie Bolster E or YCV Turbot.
  • NGST0271 Transfers for kit 27/43 BR Salmon/Osprey.
  • NGST0380 Transfers for kit 38 BR Borail.
  • NGST0390 Transfers for kit 39 BR Mullet

19-Oct-2020: Just arrived

A small batch of the popular NGSK0220 Kit 22 Shark Plough Brake, a restock of NGSB0300 4 axle wheel sets and a new outing of NGST048 Decals for Kit 48. LMS/GWR Open Wagon

18-Oct-2020: Inbound freight

Just heard that on the way to the NGS Shop are restocks of:

  • NGSK0110 Kit 11 BR Seacow Bogie Ballast Hoppers wagon kits.
  • NGSK0460 Kit 46 Bogie Bolster E or YCV Turbot.
  • NGST0271 Transfers for kit 27/43 BR Salmon/Osprey.
  • NGST0380 Transfers for kit 38 BR Borail.
  • NGST0390 Transfers for kit 39 BR Mullet

These should be available from the middle of next week

17-Oct-2020: Blowing hot and cold no longer

News on our intended re-runs of Stove Rs and Snowploughs! I am pleased to announce that Dapol have now provided a quote and accepted our order for another re-run of the NGS exclusive ready-to-run models of Stove R 6-wheeled Brakes and BR independent snowploughs. The order has been on and off for six months while waiting for stability in the US dollar exchange rates, but now we have the green light.

We are going for the five most popular liveries of both models, with new running numbers where appropriate. For the kit builders out there, we have ordered a good supply of the Stove R 6-wheeled Chassis units.

It is early days yet and I do not expect delivery until second half of 2021, but I will post any further information as and when I have it.

12-Oct-2020: Hopping in and out

Just arrived a new batch of NGSK0280 Kit 28 RMS JGA Bogie Hopper. I hope these last longer than the recent batch Kit 11 Seacows which sold out in days. If you missed out, another batch of kit 11s are on their way.

10-Oct-2020: Diamonds are forever

But 5’6” Diamond framed bogies do not last. A new batch of NGSB0009 arrived at the Shop this morning.

09-Oct-2020: Seacows stranded on the Forth

After taking nearly a week to swim up the North Sea from the North Yorkshire coast, a herd (pod?) of Seacows have come ashore and are now available to buy from the NGS Shop: NGSK0110 Kit 11 Seacow.

Also there is a batch of NGSK0280 Kit 28 RMS JGA Bogie Hopper on the way but, fortunately, these do not lend themselves to corny marine creature puns.

01-Oct-2020: Time to Frame up

Arrived today a restock of the popular and distinctive NGSK0030 Kit 3 MR/LMS/BR Outside Framed Van.

Also back in stock is NGSK0140 Kit 14 LNER/BR 8-plank Mineral Wagon.

28-Sep-2020: Lows go from no to high

A fresh restock of NGSK0660 Kit 66 BR Lowfit/Twin Bolster twin pack available at the NGS shop today.

26-Sep-2020: Open season

Just arrived today a restock of Kit 23. RCH/LMS 12t Open Wagon (NGSK0230).

News is that a restock of NGSK0660 Kit 66 BR Lowfit Twin Bolster is in the post.

Work has begun on a new batch of the popular NGSK0110 Kit 11 Seacow.

24-Sep-2020: Going Hopping mad!

Arrived today a box of NGSK0160 Kit 16 21T Hoppers to replenish exhausted stock.

Also news of progress in the production of kit 35 Hoppers/Auto-ballaster. Four varieties are to be produced:

  • Kit 35a PIA/KPA Aggregate Hopper as a single pack to include decals
  • Kit 35b JJA Autoballaster as a five pack to include decals
  • Kit 35c HQA Autoballaster Railtrack as a five pack to include decals
  • Kit 35d HQA Autoballaster Network Rail as a five pack to include decals

There is still a missing part to source for Kit35a, and the decals will arrive separately to the kits so there are delivery schedules as yet. I’ll let you know when I do.


21-Sep-2020: More Warflats, Hoppers and Cranes

Just arrived is the bulk of the new NGSK0580 Kit58 Modern Warflat kits in case you missed the first small batch.

Also arrived a restock of NGSK0010 Kit 1 BR Hopper Wagon HJO/HJV and the NGSK0272 Kits 27a & b extra Crane detailing kit for ‘Salmon’ wagons.

A consignment of NGSK0210 Kit 21. SR/BR 12t Box Vans – twin pack are on their way and a new production run of the popular NGSK0110 Kit 11 Seacow is underway.

17-Sep-2020: Boxing day in September

Five boxes of kits arrived in the post this morning – I am going to need a bigger doorstep!

Brand new are a small number of NGSK0580 Kit58 Modern Warflat. If you miss these, stay tuned as another 70 are in the post at the moment. Also new-ish is a return of the ex-Parkwood China Clay Open wagons now brought into the fold as NGSK0740 Kit 74.

Restocks of kits NGSK0020 Kit 2 Mink C Box Van; NGSK047 Kit 47 Highfit twin pack and NGSK0772 Kit 77b BR Boplate (Vacuum fitted) are now available.

16-Sep-2020: Need to drop a few stones?

I cannot help you with the diet, but you may be interested to hear that work is underway to get variants of Kit 35 – the Auto-ballasters, back in production. There are still some missing parts to be tracked down but the NGS Kit Production Officer has got the deerstalker and magnifying glass out and is on the case.

11-Sep-2020: If you are feeling a little flat…

Just arrived a consignment of NGSK0771 Kit 77a BR Boplate (unfitted) wagon

10-Sep-2020: War is looming

News incoming that the etches for the new Modern (post 1976) Warflat kits (NGSK0580 – Kit 58) have now arrived with Kit Production. These will be sent to our kit packer who already has over 90 kits ready to receive the etches. Expect the kits in the Shop in about two weeks.

10-Sep-2020: Kit arrivals due next week

Just heard that on the way to the shop are a batch of NGSK0020 Kit 2 Mink and a batch of the exTPM China Clay Wagon now NGS branded as NGSK0740 – Kit 74

07-Sep-2020: Kit 19 Minerals arrived

A restock of NGSK0190 Kit 19 12T Mineral just arrived, plus news that Kit 74. BR China Clay Wagon (NGSK0740) is on its way!

05-Sep-2020: Kit 50a Warwells arrived

Just received a new stock of NGSK0500 kit 50a WW2 Warwell kits.

Also I am advised that a re-stock of NGSK0190 Kit 19. BR 21t Mineral Wagons are on their way to the shop.

01-Sep-2020: Just Hopped in…

After a quiet month for stock arrivals I am pleased to announce the return of NGSK0280 Kit 28 RMS JGA Bogie Hopper kits. We have also had top ups of NGSK0690 Kit 69 Limpet; NGSK0750 Kit 75. BR VCA Van (body only) and NGSK0760 Kit 76. BR VDA Van (body only).

Kit production is beginning to resume now and so we will soon see stock levels getting back up to where they were before the Covid crisis.

Currently I am clenching various parts of the anatomy in anticipation of the imminent arrival of the Hunslets – more news when I have it.

31-Jul-2020: Tipplers can add a chaser

For those members who purchased the Kit 72 Iron-ore Tippler 5-pack kits, the full range of brand new NGS transfer sheets are available at the shop to finish of your models.

  • NGSTO720 Iron Ore Tippler – British Steel Early Livery
  • NGST0722 Iron Ore Tippler ARC Livery
  • NGST0723 Iron Ore Tippler Yeoman Livery
  • NGST0724 Iron Ore Tippler CAIB Yeoman Livery
  • NGST0725 Iron Ore Tippler VTG Yeoman Livery

There are still some of the original NGSTO721 Iron Ore Tippler – British Steel South Wales, Blue with Arrow Logo available.

See the NGS Shop page at for more details.

29-Jul-2020: Shop is back as are some old favourites

After a week staring at the ceiling I am finally (and gratefully) back in the perpendicular and returned to duties.

A number of boxes of kits have arrived in the meantime including some favourites that had previously run out:

  • NGSK0060 Kit 6 Loriot
  • NGSK0610 Kit 61 Van-wide
  • NGSK0700 Kit 70 BR Standard Vans

All now available at the NGS Shop.

New transfers for Kit 72 Iron Ore Tippler are due to arrive:

  • NGSTO720 Iron Ore Tippler – British Steel Early Livery
  • NGST0722 Iron Ore Tippler ARC Livery
  • NGST0723 Iron Ore Tippler Yeoman Livery
  • NGST0724 Iron Ore Tippler CAIB Yeoman Livery
  • NGST0725 Iron Ore Tippler VTG Yeoman Livery

09-Jul-2020: Kit deliveries

Just received new stocks of

  • NGSK00123 Kit 12c. BR BDV/BDW Bogie Bolster D (Plateback bogies)
  • NGSK0390 Kit 39 BR Mullet/Parr Sleeper Wagon
  • NGST0180 decals for kit 18 LMS van

Kit Production is now just about at a stand waiting for deliveries of chassis kits from Peco which has been closed down for a while.

We should however expect to see the re-emergence of the ex-Parkwood Kit 74 BR China Clay Wagon and variants of kit 35 Autoballaster to follow.

09-Jul-2020: Flaming June

The June weather may not have been the sunniest, but it has been warm work int the NGS shop during June. Orders placed by NGS members were over twice the value of last June’s takings and higher than the preceding three ‘Covid’ months. Kit sales has been a major driver as reported below, but also there has been a large jump in the number of the Thompson BG Full Brake. This no doubt has been triggered by the recent release of Thompson coaches by Bachmann/Farish. The has also been a marked increase in kit 37, TTA Chemical tank, usually a slow selling kit.

29-Jun-2020: Kits back in stock

Small batches of out of stock kits are rolling in including:

Kit 22 (NGSK0220) Shark Plough Brake – always shaped up quickly.

Kit 8. (NGSK0080) LMS/BR Bogie Bolster D

Kit 76. (NGSK0760) BR VDA Van (body only)

New to the fold:

Kit 77b. (NGSK0772) LNER-BR Boplate – Plateback bogies

Kit 77c. (NGSK0773) LNER-BR Boplate – Y25 bogies

Kit 28. (NGSK0280) RMS JGA Bogie Hopper

28-Jun-2020: NGS Shop ‘back’ in business

I am pleased to report that that my back-trouble has eased, and I am mobile again. The NGS online shop has re-opened to take orders and one batch of orders was posted out last week. I intend to clear the backlog of orders today, posting tomorrow.

I have received 4-5 boxes of kits in the interim and I will get these on sale just as soon as I have opened/counted/stored them – but look out for announcement of some ‘new’ kits and return of some old favourites in the next couple of days.

Finally, thank you for your patience and the kind messages of support I received during the down-time.

22-Jun-2020: NGS Shop Temporary Closure

It is with regret that I have to close the NGS Shop from Monday 22nd June for a few days due to illness (not Covid related).

All being well we will be back up and running by the end of the week.

Orders currently in place will be fulfilled as soon as possible.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

19-Jun-2020: Kit 28 Hoppers bounce back

News from our Kit Production Officer, Richard, is that he has enough components in stock to produce another batch of kit 28 RMC bogie hoppers. As the first batch sold out so quickly, keep an eye on the news page for when these return.

18-Jun-2020: The wheN GuesS Shop.

A month ago I completed my third year as NGS Shop manager and so am over halfway through my intended tour of duty, but the last week have been the most hectic that I recall. Certainly as previously remarked the volume of orders coming into the shop have been higher than usual during the lock-down. However the recent feeding frenzy of kit 11 Seacows and then kit 28 RMS hoppers has been staggering. However kit demand has been up across the board and members are asking “When” will the stocks be replenished. Members are also asking “when” their orders will be delivered. Unfortunately, I do not have definitive answers in either case.

When kit stock has diminished and even been exhausted it is not currently possible to re-stock. This is not only down to volunteer kit packers who are isolating or shielding being unable to operate. It is also down to the inability to obtain fresh stocks of components from the various suppliers who have reduced or suspended their production.

To head off the inevitable questions of “when?” – the best advice I can offer at the moment is not to expect any refreshment of stock until at least one month after lock-down restrictions have been lifted for where we already have the components in stock. For those components where we are waiting for manufacturers to resume production (for example Peco wagon chasses) then that could be a three month wait.

Likewise, in terms of postal delivery, I am shovelling orders out the door as fast as I can, but the delays are in the postal systems. Although things appear to be picking up in some areas with 3 days from posting to delivery, I have recently had a report from the Liverpool area where it has taken three weeks for an order to be delivered. If you have an order pending, please check the order status update on the website and look out for a confirmation email from the NGS shop which may contain a Royal Mail Track and Trace reference number.

17-Jun-2020: Just hopped in:

I have just received the first batch of NGSK0280 Kit 28 RMS JGA Bogie Hopper now available at the LOWER price of £12.70. It is the first time these have been available in over three years so likely to sell well.

14-Jun 2020: Seacows wiped out!

So it took NGS members just six hours to fish out the best part of 90 kit 11 Seacows yesterday. There were more orders in the day than we normally have in a busy week. The good news is that we will be getting some more. The bad news is we cannot say when. This is because we have run out of sprues. These are manufactured by Peco (now) and they have closed their production facilities during the Coronavirus crisis. There will inevitably be a backlog when production resumes.

On better news the dozen kit 77a – BR Boplate – unfitted version are now on sale at £11 each. On yesterdays performance they should last about an hour.

13-Jun 2020: Its boxing day!

Six boxes of kits arrived this morning at the NGS Shop which included a large consignment of the much sought-after Kit 11 Seacow. Also top-ups of kit 68 POA Ballast wagon and kit 72 Iron Ore Tippler 5-packs. The above are all now available from the NGS Shop.

In addition, a small consignment of new Kit77a – BR Boplate wagon to be available once we can establish the pricing.

08-Jun-2020: Time for body building.

We have received a small initial batch of the reprieved Kit 75 British Rail VCA Van (NGSK0750) and Kit 76 British Rail VDA Van (NGSK0760). These former TPM kits acquired by the NGS are body-only kits and require a donor Farish VBA wagon to supply the chassis.

08-Jun-2020: Seacow migration underway.

The eagerly awaited Kit 11. BR Seacow Bogie Ballast Hopper (NGSK0110) is about to be dispatched to the shop and should arrive in a few days.

08-Jun-2020: Shark owners get snapping.

Just arrived today a batch of brand new NGST0220 Transfers for the popular kit 22 Shark Brake kit.

08-Jun-2020: More decals slide into place.

Also recently arrived are NGST0610 Transfers for kit 61 Van-wide and the first outing of new NGST0721 Transfers for kit 72 Iron Ore Tippler (Brit Steel S. Wales). The latter are the first batch of a number of different varieties under development for the Kit72 Iron Ore Tippler. The others in development are British Steel, Original Livery; Procor/CAIB ARC Livery; Procor YEOMAN Livery; CAIB YEOMAN Livery and VTG Livery.

22-May-2020: Modern Warflat kit 58 and military vehicle update.

Having struggled through the twin perils of lock-down and a house move, I have heard from Ben Ando that he has successfully tested and approved the test etchings for the new Kit 58 post 1976 Warflats (NGSK0580).  Ben has also completed the kit building instruction sheet. The etch artwork is now with the etch producer. The etch sheets also provide the etches for the proposed NGSV0004 BV206 amphibious vehicle kit and so will allow these kits to go into production.

The military vehicle kits are produced for the NGS by P.G. Models, run by Paul Gandy – also an enthusiastic NGS member. Paul’s main business is producing N-scale military vehicles in pewter for military enthusiasts but recognised these are too heavy to be carried on trains. He developed his designs to be cast in (lighter) resin, as a side-line for the benefit of the NGS. Paul does not cast in resin himself and so outsources the casting to other suppliers upon whom he is dependent. I wish to point out therefore that any delays in development or production times of these kits are not caused by P.G.Models but are due to problems in the supply chain of small, independent and very busy craft suppliers who provide components and materials. If you wish to know more of the intricate and intensive process of bringing these kits into existence, Paul has a fascinating description available at .

01-May-2020: No stopping for NGS shopping

A new month and a time to say thanks to all those members supporting your NGS shop by placing orders for NGS products. The last two months have been particularly busy with 113 orders in March and 103 in April – against a typical level of about 75. There has been 150 orders since the start of lock-down and I regret that some of these may have taken longer to reach members than usual. The current situation means I cannot access the post office as frequently as I would like and the Royal Mail is suffering with bigger-than-Christmas volumes and reduced staff.

The NGS Shop will keep running where possible but members should be aware that at present we are not in a position where we can refresh stocks and so some lines, especially kits, may run out of stock until after the lock-down has been lifted.

17-Apr-2020: Kit Production news

A little light on the horizon, news from Kit Production about the lines they will be working on next:

Kit 74 BR China Clay Wagon (NGSK0740)

Former Parkwoods kit for the 9ft wheelbase planked china clay open.

Kit 75 British Rail VCA Van (NGSK0750)

Former TPM kit to convert a Farish VBA long wheelbase van into a VCA van (note this kit is sprues only and requires a donor Farish VBA wagon)

Kit 76 British Rail VDA Van (NGSK0760)

Former TPM kit to convert a Farish VBA long wheelbase van into a VDA van (note this kit is sprues only and requires a donor Farish VBA wagon)

Kit 77 LNER-BR Boplate

  • NGSK0771 – LNER/BR Boplate with diamond frame bogies
  • NGSK0772 – BR Boplate with 5ft 6in plateback bogies
  • NGSK0773 – British Rail Boplate with Y25 bogies

Former Parkwoods kit for the bogie steel plate carrier.

09-Apr-2020: Hoping for hoppers?

Some good news in these dark days from the Kit Production Officer is that we will be releasing a new run of kit28 RMC Hopper wagons (NGSK0280).

We appear to have enough components to make over 200 of these kits, so enough for a few train-loads.

As you are bound to ask “when?” the answer is about a month after the lock-down ends as my best guestimate.

N.B. Because the original tooling costs, which had to be taken into account when calculating the original price for this kit, have now been written off, the price per kit for the new run is considerably cheaper!  So you can have an even bigger rake!!

09-Apr-2020: Locked and loaded.

As the government imposed lock-down continues, our members continue to turn to their modelling as a past-time. The number of orders to the NGS Shop continues to run at 50% over normal levels. The constraints mean I can’t get to the post-office as frequently as I would like, and that the load of parcels is greater on each trip. Added to this is the fact that there are delays in the Royal Mail generally. Parcels will therefore take longer to arrive than usual, but rest assured that the NGS Shop is still operating. If you need to know what is happening to your order, please check out the Status update here: Status of recent shop orders

01-Apr-2020: I know what you’ve been doing…

It’s probably not surprising that in March the shop has been at its busiest in terms of orders received  than for the last twelve months.

In particular, kit and decal sales have been up over a half on the usual levels. Looks like NGS members under lock-down are turning to building kits rather than endure the horrors of day-time television.

I do have a slight back-log at the moment as the local Post Office was closed earlier this week due to a system failure locking out their tills. All being well the backlog should be cleared by the end of the week.

27-Mar-2020: Kit arrival and departure

I received a top up of Kit 48. LMS/GWR Open Wagon – twin pack (NGSK0480) today. Sadly, this may be the last stock arrival for some time now.

The last few weeks have been very busy for the shop with orders up by over a half the usual level. Looks like plenty of kits being built during the lock-down.

25-Mar-2020: Kit 72 Iron Ore Tippler in stock

Kit 72. PTA/JTA/JUA Iron Ore Tippler (NGSK0720) ar now in stock selling as a 5-pack for £94 per pack.

24-Mar-2020: Coronavirus impact on the NGS Shop

Following yesterday’s announcement by the UK and national governments, the following changes will be introduced by the NGS shop until further announcements:

  • The kit production volunteers are to be stood down for now for the avoidance of health risk. That means there will not be any refill of Shop stocks (excepting any already within the postal system).
  • In order to comply with government instructions and the four permissible reasons to leave the home, I will no longer be making the regular Monday and Friday trip to the post office to dispatch members’ orders. Instead, I will call at the post office with parcels when I am on my way to the local store to purchase food. I literally walk into the PO, deposit a box of parcels on the counter (no queuing) and then walk out again and so there is less risk there than waiting at the checkout at Morrisons. This means that dispatches may become irregular and delayed but should be at least once per week. There has been a marked increase in the number of orders currently so I ask that members please bear with me with this.
  • If I become ill, challenged by the police or further restrictions are put in place, then deliveries will cease and the online shop will close. This will prevent a large backlog of orders – particularly as the lifting of restrictions may also coincide with the Hunslet distribution effort and a depletion of stock.

Please keep checking for further announcements and keep well.

23-Mar-2020: Grain flows to Scotland

No its not emergency food relief – it is Kit 9a. BR Polybulk Grainflow Hopper (NGSK0090) arrived this morning. No panic buying now!

22-Mar-2020: Kits on the way

I am informed by our volunteers that a batch of Kit 72. PTA/JTA/JUA Iron Ore Tippler (NGSK0720) and a batch of Kit 9a. BR Polybulk Grainflow Hopper (NGSK0090) are on their way.

Also, for those of you interested in Kit 11. BR Seacow Bogie Ballast Hopper (NGSK0110), the new etches are done, we are now just waiting for a new batch of bogies and then these can go into production.

Kit 39: BR Mullet/Parr Sleeper Wagon (NGK0390) are back in stock.

21-Mar-2020: Virus news from the Post-Office

I had the following email from the CEO of the Post Office today – didn’t know we are on first name terms – but its business as usual for now:

Hello Adrian
We know how important Post Office branches are to our customers. And we, alongside our postmasters and branch colleagues are doing all that we can to keep our branches open, so that we can continue to provide our products and services to you and your communities.   At the moment, the majority of our branches are open as usual and our supply chain is running as normal. Our priority is to keep our customers, postmasters and colleagues safe and healthy. We have advised everyone working in our branches to practice good hand hygiene and we ask that our customers do the same, as well as maintaining a sensible distance between other customers and our colleagues. We will keep you updated as the situation evolves. But please rest assured that we are doing everything we can to support our customers, communities, postmasters and colleagues through this challenging time. Nick Read, Group Chief Executive Officer

19-Mar-2020: Coronavirus too hot for Stoves

Due to current uncertainties caused by the coronavirus outbreak, we have agreed to Dapol’s request to withhold our order for a rerun of the Stove ‘R’ and Snowplough ranges. We will review the situation on a monthly basis as things develop.

One real concern for Dapol is their ability to quote costs given the hugely variation in dollar:pound rates at the moment. They prefer to wait until there is more stability and certainty before being able to commit to the order.

I realise that this may be a disappointment to some members but it is not the worst thing to happen in these astonishing times we are going through.

I don’t have any more information at the present and will keep in touch with Dapol, however if there are any questions please send to



NGS Shop Manager

12-Mar-2020: Stock arrivals

NGSM0175 NGS Jounal Folders now back in stock. Top-ups of kit 16  BR 21t Hopper Wagon HTO/HTV (NGSK0160); kit 36 BR Shock Wagons  Open & Van – twin pack (NGSK0360) and kit 52 Macaw C/Borail C (NGSK0520) received.

10-Mar-2020:Journal folders

I am advised that a restock of NGS Journal folders will be arriving tomorrow, 11th March. Arrived 11-Mar-2020

09-Mar-2020: Kits arrived, due and ordered

Kit 18. LMS/BR 12t Box Vans-twin pack(NGSK0180 ) have arrived in stock with kit 36 Shock Wagons and  kit 52 Macaw C due this week.

Stock reordered 08-Mar-20:

Kit 11. BR Seacow Bogie Ballast Hopper (NGSK0110)
Kit 16: BR 21t Hopper Wagon HTO/HTV (NGSK0160). Arrived 12-Mar
Kit 22. BR Shark ballast plough Brake Van (NGSK0220)
Kit 38. BR Borail (NGSK0380)
Kit 48. LMS/GWR Open Wagon – twin pack (NGSK0480) Arrived 27-Mar
Kit 53 Gane A/Macaw J/Borail F (NGSK0530)
Kit 70. BR Standard Vans (NGSK0700)
Kit 8. LMS/BR Bogie Bolster D (NGSK0080)
Kits 27a & b extra.  Crane detailing kit for ‘Salmon’ wagons (NGSK0272)
NGST0610 Decals for kit 61 (NGSK0610)

07-Mar-2020: More kits on the way:

News from the volunteer packers – Kit 18. LMS/BR 12t Box Vans-twin pack(NGSK0180 )  – Arrived 09-Mar-20 and Kit 36. BR Shock Wagons  Open & Van – twin pack (NGSK0360) are on the way to the NGS Shop – Arrived 12-Mar.

05-Mar-2020: Kits arrived and due

A  top up for the 12T Mineral wagon kit 19 NGSK0190 arrived today

News is that a batch of  Kit 29a  BR Bogie Bolster D (NGSK0120) are in their way. Arrived 07-Mar-2020

New kit on the block Kit 72 PTA Rotary Bogie Iron Ore Tippler – an ex-TPM lit, is going into packing and the next ‘revival’ being considered is  Kit 9b – the BR Distillers Polybulk wagon.

04-Mar-2020: Kits arrived

NGSK0610 Kit 61 Van-wide back in stock.

02-Mar-2020: More kits on the way

Thanks to kit packing volunteers who tell me that Kit 19  BR 21t Mineral (arrived 05-Mar-2020) and Kit 61 Van-wide are in the post to me currenlty (arrived 04-Mar2020) . All being well they shold be avialable towards the end of this week.

02-Mar-2020: Kits 5 and 7 instructions

Thanks to member Andy Johnston (4837) for providing the original copies of the discontinued Kits 5 and 7  for members to use with the left over etches available on the NGS Shop recently. A great example of how members benefit by the society working together!

28-Feb-2020: Desperately seeking Seacows?

NGSK0110 Kit 11 Seacow Ballast Hoppers were in high demand at Model Rail Scotland last weekend.

I am pleased to pass on the news that new etches have been ordered and we should start to see this kit back in circulation by early April. – See update 22nd March

28-Feb-2020: A shark kit and make it snappy!

(Apologies to Groucho Marx)

A small shoal of NGSK0220 Kit 22 Shark have swam into the shop today. These are a popular kit and will soon be fished out, so get your fins on!

Also small numbers of NGSK0272 Crane jib add-on for Kit27 Salmon and a top-up of Kit 5 Queen Mary etches.

27-Feb-2020: Kits assembling

News has reached me that a parcel of the ever popular Kit 27 Shark is in the post.

Also the following have gone to the volunteer packers:

  • Kit 61        Vanwide
  • Kit 18        LMS Vans Twin Pack
  • Kit 19        BR 21t Mineral
  • Kit 16        BR 21t Hopper Wagon HTO/HTV
  • Kit 36        Shock twin pack
  • Kit 12        Kit 12a BDA Bogie Bolster

24-Feb-2020: Back to Business

Nice to see all members – and new members – at Model Rail Scotland, Glasgow over the long weekend. Sadly its back to the orders now – a pile of 15 since Thursday. Sorry for a little delay in getting these out to you.

20-Feb-2020: It’s Transfer season

A batch of NGS Transfers have arrived, mostly new types.

  • NGST0020 Decals for kit 2 (NGSK0020 Mink) @ £0.50
  • NGST0060 Decals for kit 6 (NGSK0060 Loriot) @ £1.00
  • NGST0190 Decals for kit 19 (NGSK0190 12T Mineral) @ £1.00
  • NGST0620 Decals for kit 62  (NGSK0620 BD and A containers) @ £1.00 – this is the new variant, the old ModelMasters type Conflat and Container A are still available as NGST0621 while stocks last at £0.25.
  • NGST0680 Decals for kits 68 & 69 (NGSK0680 Tiger& 0690 Limpet) @ £2.00 – a colourful variety

19-Feb-2020: New (old) brake van etches available

Limited stock of left over etches for discontinued kits Kit 5. SR/BR ‘Queen Mary’ Bogie Brake Van and Kit 7. LMS 16t & 20t Goods Brake Vans (twin pack)  now on sale at 50p and £1:00 respectively.

17-Feb-2020: Stock on its way

On the way to the shop at the moment are:

  • Left over etches of discontinued kits (see 13-Feb below) – Arrived – see 19th Feb
  • NGST0020 GWR Mink Transfers
  • NGST0190 BR 21t Mineral Wagon Transfers
  • NGST0060 GWR Loriot K Transfers
  • NGST0620 BR A & BD Type Container Transfers (new type)
  • NGST0680 POA/ Limpet Transfers
  • NGSK50a WW2 Warwell wagon kits
  • NGSK50b Warwell PFB, KWB, KWA – All arrived – see 20th Feb

I’ll post an announcement when these are in stock

16-Feb-2020: Stove R and Snowplough update

Approval obtained at the NGS Committee meeting to place an order with Dapol for a re-run of these NGS exclusive models:

  • Five liveries, 250 of each for Stove R
  • Five liveries, 250 of each for Snowplough
  • 350 of Stove R chassis.

The 5 most popular Stove liveries were:

  • BR Maroon         24%
  • Pullman                17%
  • BR Crimson         14%
  • BR Blue                 14%
  • BR C & C               12%

The 5 most popular Snowplough liveries were:

  • BR ‘60s Black                      16%
  • BR black with hazards     16%
  • BR ‘70s black                      14%
  • BR blue                                 12%
  • Scotty dog                           9%

Dapol say delivery will be about 8 months from time of order placed.

13-Feb-2020: Stock on its way

Following the success of the recent release of left-over etches for kit 4, I am told that that small batches of etches are on the way for the discontinued Queen Mary Brake kits ( Kit 5) and discontinued LMS Goods Brake kits (Kit 7). Again, these will be sold as clearance items and once they are gone, they are gone. Keep an eye open for announcements. – Arrived – see 19th Feb

I am also expecting arrival of new NGS decals including a re-stock of the decals for the ever popular Kit 6 Loriot. – Arrived – see 20th Feb

Finally, we are now waiting on a new supply of etches from the manufacturer to bring the Seacow, Kit 11 back into production. More news when I get it.

31-Jan-2020: ex-ModelMasters loco plates

Our volunteer has finished counting and collating the 12 thousand locomotive number/name plates recovered from ModelMaster and will soon  conclude similar work for ModelMaster transfer sheets.

This audit will be reviewed at the next NGG Committee meeting in mid February in order to determine the best way to make these available to the members.

31-Jan-2020: 2019 Journal CDs

The files of the 2019 NGS Journal scans have now been received and are available for purchase from the NGS Shop:

NGSM0119 – CDs of 2019 Journals at £3.50 per disc from or by post.

22-Jan-2020: Decals update

Confirmed that the following  NGS decals have gone for printing:

  • NGST0020 GWR Mink C (kit 2)
  • NGST0060 GWR Loriot (kit 6)
  • NGST0190 21t mineral (kit 19)
  • NGST0620 Containers (kit 62) – This is a new version with more variants than the old ModelMasters sheet.
  • NGST0680 POA / Limpet (kit 68)

Arrived 20 Feb

Decals for kit 22 (Shark) and 6 different sheets for kit 72 (PTA/JTA/JUA) under development.

19-Jan-2020: Kit 4 Sealion Hopper Etches – sold out.

A feeding frenzy over the last six days means that the newly discovered batch of kit 4 etches has now sold out (see entry for 13th Jan). The Kit Production Officer is now searching out components for other discontinued lines which we will announce here if successful.

13-Jan-2020: Modern Warflat kit update

The word is that the prototype components for the kit 58  (post 1976) Modern Warflat kit have been created.  They will undergo final assembly for checking, instructions completion and photography. All being well they can then go into production runs.

13-Jan-2020: NGS Decals arriving soon

News is that NGS decals for NGST0680 – POA/Limpet; NGST0190 – BR 21T Mineral; NGST0020 – Mink C )and NGST0620 – Containers will be arriving soon. See update 22-Jan

The next NGS decals projects in line will be NGST0220 – Shark; NGST0640 – Sand Tippler and Coil J ; NGST0200 – Anhydrite Hoppers and NGST0720-5 – PTA/JUA/JTA iron ore tipplers .

13-Jan-2020: Sealion Hopper etches

Arrived today amongst a batch of bogie bolster kits are a number of brass etchings for the discountinued Kit 4 Sealion Bogie Ballast Hoppers (NGSK0040). These are for experienced modllers who may want to have a go at scratchbuilding, being sold without other parts or instructions for a knock down 50p a pack. They are available from the NGS Shop now.

Sold out 19-Jan-2020

09-Jan-2020: Scimitars raised – Pigs are flying!

The good news is that after a 10 month wait, I finally have a new stock of NGSV0003 Humber Pig armoured car kits along with a new batch of NGSV0001 Alvis FV-107 Scimitar light tank kits. The bad news is that the prices have increased significantly – £10.70 for Pigs, £11.20 for Scimitars.

NGSV0002 GKN Sankey AT-15 Saxon APC kits continue to be available priced at £9.50.

Test runs of the etchings for the new NGSV0004 BV206-3 amphibious vehicle kits have been made and I’m hoping to hear about the first prodcution run soon.

09-Jan-2020: Modern Warflat kit queries

I’ve has some queries about the roll-out dates for the new Kit58 Modern Warflat kit. The last info I had was at the end of october 2019. I’ve asked for updates and will post them here when I have them.

09-Jan-2020: Post 1976 Warwell kits

Kit 50b. Warwell – post 1976 (NGSK0501) have arrived.

06-Jan-2020: Post 1976 Warwell kits

Kit 50b. Warwell – post 1976 (NGSK0501) should be here by the end of the week.

06-Jan-2020: Fire-irons and modern oval buffers arrived in stock

NGSM0402 Etched fire-irons (pair);

NGSB0203 Oval (modern era) buffers (20).

02-Jan-2020: Festive period orders on their way

The annual stock take is over and order processing  has resumed. Eight orders to be posted Friday 3rd ofJanuary.

Happy New Year!

31-Dec-2019: Possible delays on orders over new year

I am currently undertaking the annual NGS Shop stock-take and to deliver an accurate count orders placed on or after 27th December will not be processed until after the audit is complete. It is anticpated that the next dispatch of orders will be Friday 3rd ofJanuary.

30-Dec-2019: Kit 50a & 67 arrived in stock

Kit 50a. WD Warwell (NGSK0500) and Kit 67. LNER 12T Vans (NGSK0670) with Kit 50b. Warwell – post 1976 (NGSK0501) to follow soon.

27-Dec-2019: Kit 50a & b on the way

Those whispering wires tell me that a restock of Kit 50a. WD Warwell (NGSK0500) will be here in a few days and the Kit 50b. Warwell – post 1976 (NGSK0501) will follow shortly after.

20-Dec-2019: Kit 67 on the way

Whisper in the telegraph wires says that new stock of Kit 67 LNER 12T Vans (NGSK0670) will be here early in the new year.

19-Dec-2019 : Military Vehicle update

Just heard from PG Models that new supplies of NGSV0001 Alvis FV-107 Scimitar light tank and NGSV0003 Humber Pig armoured car will be arriving early in the new year.

7-Dec-2019 : Stove R and Snowplough update

The plans to re-introduce the society’s Stove R and Snowplough models have been on hold for some time while waiting for funds to become available from the delayed sale of the new Hunslet diesel shunter. With the Hunslet project about to be delivered, we are now in a position to resume contact with the manufacturers, Dapol, to arrange for a re-run of both these NGS exclusive ranges. Look out for an update in early 2020.

New Shop News!

Thanks to the efforts of the NGS Chairman, I now have access to update the NGS website news banner and shop news pages. While the enthusiasm is with me, I will endeavour to keep this current with any breaking news and the subject headings shown below. Any feedback welcome to