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BR Weltrol

  • Kit 31: BR Weltrol
  • NGSK0310
  • era 5-9
  • decals NGST0310
  • difficulty intermediate





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Many different types were built, mainly in the 1950s, but, as they were lightly used, they lasted a long time, with a few still in service in internal use. There were 22 diagrams for different lengths and loads covering a total of 107 wagons, though some differed only in brake or bearing type. The chosen Weltrol MC prototype was one of the more common, with 22 built. It was based on an earlier LMS design and is one of the shorter ones with a square-shaped well. Unlike many other Weltrols, the floor was load-bearing so it could carry vehicles, which is one reason for its popularity as a departmental wagon. The kit includes Society 5’6” Plateback bogies (but does not include the loads shown in the pictures, the crated load is available separately from the Society Shop – code NGSK031).

Decals include markings for both revenue service and for engineers’ use.

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