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BR Independent Snowplough

  • NGSR0421 BR 1960s plain black- 
  • NGSR0422 BR 1960s Black with hazard stripes
  • NGSR423 BR Blue
  • NGSR424 BR Black with Stag
  • NGSR425 BR 70/80s black with hazards

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Our Ready-To-Run BR Independent Snowplough was released at the 2010 Warley National Model Railway show at the NEC. These models are now in stock once more with new running numbers.

BR 1960s plain black-  NGSR0421

When introduced in the early 1960s initial builds carried this livery. Our model is DB 965208 (new running number). (Era 5)

BR 1960s Black with hazard stripes- NGSR0422

By the mid-1960s Snowploughs had yellow stripes on the blade and warning panels on the rear face. Our model is DB 965226 (new running number).  (Eras 5, 6)

BR Blue- NGSR423

In the 1970s some Snowploughs received the corporate image BR Blue, these colours continued into the early 1990s – though by then orange cantrail stripes had been added. Our current model is ADB965241 (new running number). (Eras 6, 7, 8)

BR Black with Stag- NGSR424

In the 1980s some Scottish based ploughs bore the emblem of their home depot. Our current model bears the Highland Stag emblem of Inverness with running number ADB965205 (new running number). (Eras 7, 8).

BR 70/80s black with hazards- NGSR425

Although some Snowploughs received blue during the corporate era, many remained in black in the late 70s and early 80s. Our current model is ADB965197(new running number). (Eras 7, 8).