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Thompson Full Brake

  • Ready to Run 6 Thompson Full Brake
  • NGSR0561 LNER simulated teak (Era 3)
  • NGSR0563 BR plain crimson (Era 4)
  • NGSR0565 BR blue (Era 6/7)
  • NGSR0566 BR plain maroon (Era 5/6)



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In 1947 the LNER built three (10-12) steel-sided 63′ gangwayed brake coaches to Diagram 344 to carry luggage on the Flying Scotsman and other crack East Coast expresses. The following year, 7 more were built (13-19), and in 1950 a further 15 (141/3-6, 53-7, 159-63)), making a total of 25. The first few were fitted with narrow rectangular windows, however corrosion issues led to later versions being built with rounded ends, and some of the earlier vehicles were similarly modified.

During the late 1960s, they were cascaded into parcels and departmental service, straying far from the Eastern Region, before withdrawal in the late 1970s. At least one has survived into preservation.

Our model has been manufactured by Graham Farish and features flush glazing, NEM couplers on close-coupling mounts, wire handrails and numerous extra detail parts – including vacuum cylinders, brake gear and underframe components. The liveries have been selected to reflect the attractive lines and long lives of these stylish vehicles. The images here are representative. Some versions are now out of stock, but still available are:

  1. LNER simulated teak livery as applied to those built initially for express trains.  When built these had solebar covers fitted (that were later removed).  Unfortunately for cost reasons these are not replicated.
  2. Standard NPCCS livery for the early BR period was plain crimson.
  3. From 1957 many were repainted into plain maroon
  4. From 1966 all those remaining were repainted into BR Blue.  They lasted until 1977.

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